A to Z Reasons to Smile - "B"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
"B" Things That Make Me Smile...
Beaches - The most peaceful places in the world! The beach pictured above is on Galveston Island, which feels like a little slice of Heaven to me.  There is nothing I love more than walking on the beach at sunset with Papa Bear.  Now if we only lived within walking distance or even a short drive to the nearest beach, it would be wonderful! 

Blogging - Writing is my favorite way to spend my time, and blogging is such an awesome way to exchange your thoughts and creative efforts with all kinds of interesting and amazing people. I never run out of topic ideas or things to say.  I love the friendships that I share with fellow bloggers!

Baby Critters - Baby animals of all kinds just melt my heart, there is nothing sweeter, funnier or more innocent. I love watching how their parents care for them too.  Some human parents could take a lesson!

Brownies - My idea of the perfect comfort food... especially warm from the oven.  No need for frosting or fancy toppings, just hand me a fork and step away from the pan! :-)

Blue Skies - Because the land is so flat here in West Texas, one can see the horizon in all directions, and, the big blue sky canopy overhead is simply beautiful beyond words. 

Bears - Teddy Bears, Beanie Bears, Polar Bears, and especially Papa Bear... I love them all! <3 I have over 100 Beanie Bear's in my collection, and I wish Ty wouldn't have stopped making them.

Books - I've been in love with books since I was old enough to hold one in my chubby toddler hands. Not only have they taken me on adventures to every part of the world, they've taught me about life, love, survival and spirituality, not to mention increasing my vocabulary at least a hundred fold.

Butterflies - Butterflies are the symbol of change and evolving from a lower state to a higher one. Like them, we crawl along on our bellies, until we are one day ready to free ourselves from our self-made prisons and fly free!  I love butterfly pavilions where you can enjoy an incredible variety of beautiful butterflies close-up... maybe even right on your hand!

Black Hills - Born and raised in South Dakota, "Paha Sapa" - the Black Hills - feel like home to me.  But please, don't take me on a tour of those giant faces.  The Black Hills are sacred to the Lakota people to whom they rightfully belong.  Would you want someone carving faces on your cathedral?  Respect their natural beauty, and drink in the wonderful pine-scented air!

Blessings - When I think about all the amazing ways that God has blessed my life I can't stop smiling!  We can always think of things that we wish were different or better, but the blessings far outweigh them.  I make sure to take a little time to reflect on mine every day, do you?

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  1. really? You need a fork for brownies? I do away with all formalities when faced with brownies.

  2. That quote is just so amazing. Yay for beaches, blue skies, butterflies and brownies. My daughter (and I) collected those Beanie Babies. I love all the bears but I think my very favorite was Wrinkles the bull dog. B is for beautiful hearts and souls, like you.

  3. Lots of wonderful things begin with B, including one of my favorite words -- balderdash! It makes me laugh when i say it.

  4. What a lovely list :) I realized when reading this that all these things make me happy too :) Am heading over to read 'A' list now :)

    Read my B post - Betrayed

  5. I agree with every single one of your Bs - although I have to take your word for the Black Hills as I live in England and have never been there! Love your blog!

    1. I've just realised what you meant by "those faces" (sorry, I am a Brit!). I've always admired them but now I get your point about the Lakotas and their heritage.

  6. how could you forget 'best friends'


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