A to Z Reasons to Smile - "E"

Each day this month I'll be sharing a list of things corresponding to the alphabet letter of the day that encourage and uplift me, the little things that make smile. I hope you'll join me, and maybe add some of your own in the comments! 
"E" Things That Make Me Smile...
Easter - A beautiful celebration of resurrection and renewal that comes at a time when we are all so ready for a new season in our lives.  The above photo was taken of Papa Bear and me at the Easter Buffet at one of the local hotels yesterday.  We were most likely the biggest kids the bunny had his picture taken with.  Never miss the opportunity be childlike - it's good for the soul!
E-Books - You knew they'd have to be near the top of my list, didn't you?  While I will always love the smell and feel of bound books, the convenience of always having a collection of reading within reach on your tablet or phone, not to mention how easy they are on on the old hands and eyes, makes e-books a most awesome invention!
Embroidered Shirts -  I always smile when I see someone wearing an embroidered shirt. It brings back sweet memories of the days of my youth when many of us wore embroidered peasant shirts and jeans, and brightly colored clothing was the norm.  Life seemed so much simpler then.   

Eyes that Twinkle - Like Papa Bear's eyes!  I think they are a reflection of a good soul, and of someone who has a good sense of humor.  Chronically serious people can be so stuffy at times!

Elephants - Elephants amaze me with their remarkable memories and the bonds they create with their friends and family that endure even when they've been apart.  Watching elephant reunions is emotional!  And while we're on that subject, I am so glad that circuses are finally beginning to abandon elephant acts.  Please, teach me about animals in their natural habitats with typical behaviors!  Circus animals rarely have a good quality of life, not in the way that was intended.

Envelopes - Envelopes arriving in mailbox at the Post Office that aren't bearing bills or junk mail, but rather greetings from friends... now that REALLY makes me smile!  We need to do more of that!

Electronics - I was going to say "electronic toys" but it soon dawned on me that folks would take that all wrong! :-).  I'm talking about the gadgets that have become so much a part of our lives that I can't imagine being without them... even for a few days!  My iPhone, iPad, Surface tablet, and even the good ol' laptop (that I haven't finished transferring all my files off of yet), and their miraculous ability to connect us to a wealth of instant information and people worldwide - so amazing, and a true blessing when we used for the good.

Epitaphs - Many of the epitaphs inscribed on old tombstones were so very clever and often quite to the point!  What would you like yours to say someday?  I'd be most happy if people remembered me as kind.

Equinoxes - The natural earth calendar follows the seasons, and I love welcoming each season as it arrives.  The Spring (vernal) and Fall (autumnal) equinoxes are special because they mark the point when twice a year the hours of daylight and darkness are equal in length.  Balance is always a good thing.

Encouragement - Nothing makes us feel better than when someone offers us words of kindness, comfort and inspiration.  The power of encouragement to uplift people who are unsure or beaten down is amazing, and it most definitely generates smiles!
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  1. Embroidered shirts....and dresses, and tunics, and pants, etc. Those things that have the embroidery are really expensive in the stores.

  2. very fun post- love the Easter Bunny pic!

  3. Another great list. I had a good laugh at the electronic toys. I knew exactly what you meant and had to think about the other kind. We do need more of the kind of cards and letters that don't contain bills or ads.

  4. Love the picture! Yes, don't ever pass the opportunity to be child like and have simple fun.


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