Perfectly Imperfect

I am uncomfortable around perfect people (or those who believe that they are).  Sometimes their halos seem to fit a bit on the tight side, affecting their ability to perceive things clearly.  Nothing is more tiring than being around someone who feels superior, has all the right answers, and thinks they do everything the right way... as opposed to others of course, and they are usually quick to point this out.  That "air of superiority" is often more like noxious gas.  I don't abide people like that for long... the "holy ones" who feel that all the rest of us pathetic creatures are somewhat beneath them.  Not surprisingly, some of the people I've been able to communicate with most openly and befriend on a deeper level were far from perfect, in fact they were on the other end of the spectrum - about as screwed up as me in their own ways, just sometimes in a more visible manner.  I don't seek perfect people to be friends with, I seek people who are real... open, honest, and refreshingly human in their thoughts, emotions, and actions.  You don't have to be anything like me to be my friend, you just have to be true to yourself, and willing to embrace your own imperfection.  I do not strive for perfection, I strive to be good and kind.  If you are headed in that direction, there is no doubt we can be good friends.
I'm linking up with Patricia's blog hop In Other Words
 where the creative writing prompt this week is the following quotation:
"All have their frailties and whoever looks for a friend
without imperfections will never find what he seeks."
-Cyrus the Great


  1. It's hard to feel comfortable around someone we perceive as perfect. I think perfectly imperfect is a great phrase - and you know, it's the second time I saw that today. Wish I could remember where the other was. But it's a good description. We are all perfect creations in our own way, with all our individual imperfections.
    I really like this.
    Who can explain why two souls connect? it's a mystery. I think we meet people and connect with them for particular reasons and maybe we don't quite understand at the time, but all things have a purpose.

  2. Well, I have no flaws. Everything I do is penfect!

  3. Love me warts and all, or you don't love me.

    And this is the second time today that Joeh has posted a comment that made me laugh!

  4. Yes, people who think the are superior are full of noxious gas. The are real farts. As funny as the word fart is people who are farts aren't funny they are just obnoxious. Somewhere I read that there is no beauty in perfection and I agree. Like you I don't look for perfection in friends. There would be no common ground to build the friendship on. I think we are friends, Josie. Cyber friends but friends all the same. Maybe someday we will meet in IRL. Thank you for adding your thoughts here. I appreciate you and what you write.


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