My Fantasy Life

 As you go about your daily routines, with all the deadlines and must-dos and rushing about, have you ever stopped to think about what your fantasy of a perfect life would be?

In my fantasy life... there would of course be Papa Bear, and my children... and my furkids.

In my fantasy life... I would get up early to enjoy the sunrise, nap in the afternoons, and go to bed late.  No clocks would be allowed.

In my fantasy life... I would never wear restrictive clothing or confining undergarments, I would wear kaftans when inside, and comfy long dresses and sandals when I went out.

In my fantasy life... I would live so near the ocean that I could watch every sunrise and sunset, and sink my toes in the wet sand whenever I felt like it.

In my fantasy life... the weather would be 75 degrees all year round with a gentle breeze, never hot or cold or blustery. 

In my fantasy life... I would operate a sanctuary for senior cats that have no families.  It would be generously funded by an anonymous wealthy patron and lover of cats.

In my fantasy life... I would live with Papa Bear in a tiny but beautiful house with lots of windows, and a bedroom ceiling that opened up at night so that we could sleep underneath the stars. 

In my fantasy life... my house would be kept sparkling clean by well-paid staff who also prepared our meals and did our laundry.

In my fantasy life... all the food would be healthy and excellent, and all excess body weight would disappear.  I would be strong and flexible and have endless energy.

In my fantasy life... my grown children would live close by where we could enjoy each other's company whenever we wanted, and share meals on Sundays.

In my fantasy life... I would have all the time I wanted to write, and read, and interact with fellow bloggers.  I would have time to write Papa Bear's biography, and maybe even my own.

In my fantasy life... the Internet connection would be lightning fast and uninterrupted no matter how many devices were in use, and it would be free.

In my fantasy life... I would pick up the craft projects I never have time for and spend hours creating pretty things.

In my fantasy life... I would have a beautiful garden with endless flowers of all colors, a butterfly enclosure, and fresh vegetables growing in abundance enough to share.

In my fantasy life... I would have magical powers that would enable me to help others, to alleviate their suffering.

In my fantasy life... I would have all the money required to meet our needs and allow for travel and adventures, and enough extra to help others.

In my fantasy life... there would be no tiredness or sickness or pain.  Anxiety, stress and fear would not exist.

In my fantasy life... God and I would have regular conversations by email and text and phone.

In my fantasy life... when it came my time to depart this world, Papa Bear and I would leave together, hand-in-hand, and smiling.
Two Shoes Tuesdsay
This was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
here the theme choices this week are FANTASY and FOOL.
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  1. Well you have Papa Bear, so that covers a good part of it!

  2. ummmmm.....just askin'....can I live with you?

  3. Looks like you have a wonderful fantasy...maybe some of it attainable! Thanks for hosting the meme, Josie!

  4. Hang on! Being a writer you have these things already. We live much of our lives imagining and this is possible because we know what good is and what bad is too. When things don't go right we can look through that skylight and whisk ourselves away to the stars because we know what happiness is too.

  5. It sounds a lot like what i think Heaven will be like!

  6. I love all the points as I feel the same too!
    Even I want this fantasy life , Josie :)
    How lovely will be be! Hope such fantasy becomes reality :)

  7. It feels good just reading about your fantasy life. There are no limits in dreams. Dream on :)

  8. At least I can do one thing on your list as I live right by the beach! As for the rest ....isn't fantasy wonderful!

  9. Your fantasies are reflection of inherent,healthy optimism.


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