Listen to Your Cat

Cats are masters at conveying their thoughts and feelings without the benefit of human language skills.  If they are unhappy with you or feel you are laughing at them, they will show their displeasure by turning their back to you,  and if you do something they don't like (such as cleaning the corner's of Sophie's eyes), they will jump off your lap and glare at you from another cushion of the sofa.  They have internal clocks, and know just when to start those telepathic stares so that you will soon feel the heat and get up to fill the food dishes.  If Toby wants to play fetch with one of his beloved plastic spoons, he will drop it unceremoniously at my feet and then wait for me to take notice.  The most obvious communication though, is when they feel you are ignoring or neglecting them - they will park themselves right on top of the distracting object like a newspaper, book, or knitting project, and most definitely on a keyboard just like the cat above.  Sophie has even been known to reach over and wrap her paws around her Daddy's arm if he is reading the paper or his phone and she isn't getting the continuous petting she expects at the ruling queen in residence.  Do our cats speak to us? Most definitely, they just use their own form of language that we soon come to understand if we love them. Maybe we could learn something from their behavior... if you desire something or feel you are being neglected, you just need to let that significant person in your life know - even if it means blocking their phone screen or monitor screen to get their attention... I wouldn't recommend sitting on their keyboard though! :-)
I'm linking up with Patricia's blog hop In Other Words
 where the current creative writing prompt is the following quotation:
"Lots of people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That's the problem." 
- Benjamin Hoff


  1. This is so true! It doesn't take them long to learn how to communicate with us...not nearly as long as it takes us to notice. Once we do notice and pay attention we can learn a lot from them. They are good trainers. Thanks for posting. Have a great week!

  2. Lin, I'm not a cat person, but certainly enjoyed reading your post.

  3. My Perry comes along when I am blogging and tries to climb on me too. He starts purring and rubs up against me. I always have to stop and give him attention. If I don't, he gives me a little nip to remind me He Wants My Attention Now. I love cats though. ;) I love this post. We have so much in common.

  4. Whats with the spoons? Ive been known to sit on a keyboard or two but zeb was better at it cuz he was about 80# and could just sit on our people! Xo doug


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