The Money Tree

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George Batson was a fixture in the small town.  He grew up there, and his kids were raised there too.  They had all moved on now, and his wife died a few years back, leaving him there on his own.  George was as known for his ability to fix things as he was for his penny-pinching ways.  If someone's washer broke down, or a car needed repairs, or a bicycle wheel rim got bent, George was ready to lend a hand and always refused to accept any money for his labor. "Money doesn't grow on trees" he'd say, and "neighbors help each other out."

George had worn an artificial leg for the past twenty years, after losing his own is a farming accident; it was way past worn out and made it mighty hard for him to get around and do things.  Word spread among the townspeople who knew that George didn't have the funds for a replacement and pride was sure to keep him from accepting help.  Soon they devised a plan.

George was a heavy sleeper and his hearing wasn't good, so the commotion at the far end of his front yard didn't wake him as the folks who loved him worked far into the night with the help of flashlights and ladders.  When he headed out to the front porch with his mug of coffee in the morning, George was stunned to see his tree completely covered with paper money waving in the breeze. Tacked to the trunk was a big cardboard sign on which someone had drawn a heart and written  "Sometimes money really does grow on trees!"
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“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”
-Willa Cather


  1. Nice story, girlfriend. See you tomorrow!

  2. Josie, what a wonderful story! I was surprised by the tree...I was sure they would put a new leg in his room. I can be so unimaginative. Thanks for adding to this little hop of mine.

  3. I like your heart-warming story.


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