The Invitation

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Nathan stood by the window with his faithful pal Sam by his side, watching cars navigate the miserable weather on the street in front of the senior apartment complex where he lived.  It felt like winter had gone on forever this year, and he was so tired of being stuck inside. He knew Sam longed for better weather so they could go for their daily walks too.
It had been two years since Nathan's wife had passed, and although he'd gotten used to living alone, he hadn't reached the point of liking it and he doubted that he ever would.  He and Ida had been married for over forty years, and he never imagined that one day he'd be living life without her by his side.  He shut his eyes remembering how she kept him occupied on long winter days, playing cards or reading aloud to each other, or sitting side by side watching old movies on TV while her fingers worked away on her latest knitting project.  They'd talk and dream about where their next vacation might take them, and she'd keep his insides warm with the wonderful meals she made.
Lord, he missed her cooking now.  What he wouldn't give to smell her homemade bread baking in the oven, or feel the touch of her hand on his as they bowed their heads to pray together before they began to eat.  He could cook enough to make do, but it sure wasn't the same.  Life was never going to be the same again he thought to himself sadly, and Nathan wondered if he would ever feel like smiling.
A knock on the door of his apartment roused him from his memories, and Nathan peered out the peephole into the hallway.  There stood Elisabeth McPherson from apartment 3B, that he bumped into in the hallway or at the mailboxes now and then.  He knew she was widowed, but hadn't ever really introduced himself beyond saying hello. 
"Good afternoon, Mr. Owens", she said, smiling warmly, when he opened the door.  "This cold weather's got me hungry so I made chicken and dumplings, but I got a little carried away and made more than I can eat.  I was wondering if you would care to join me for supper.  I figured you might like a good home-cooked meal."
Nathan was a totally surprised by her invitation, and stumbled on his words a bit as he accepted her kind offer.  Nodding to Sam standing there beside Nathan, Elisabeth said "You're welcome to bring your dog along.  He seems like a friendly guy, and I think my cat Susie might enjoy some company too."  Sam and Nathan followed Elisabeth down the hall to her apartment, and Nathan thought to himself that maybe this day wasn't going to be so dreary after all.
Two Shoes Tuesdsay
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  1. What a wonderful feel good story. Well done!

  2. I loved the story especially as I live in an apartment (albeit without a dog!). Personally it would make me very apprehensive if this happened to me. I do have a secret lover in the study which is the PC which might explain that.

  3. Oh, I hope this is the start of a companionship that will end the loneliness of both Nathan and Elizabeth. Who can resist chicken and dumplings? I know how lonely my father was after my mother passed away. It has been just about seven years and he is finally enjoying a new companionship with a widow.

  4. A beautiful way to start a friendship!


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