Say Cheese

When I think of a brick, what do I visualize?  Of course there's the typical brick used for construction, a gold brick that would be worth a fortune at today's prices, and a brick of marijuana that some would highly prize.  Then there's one of my personal favorites... a brick of cheese!
We have a restaurant/watering hole here in Odessa called The Barndoor Steak House that's been in operation for over fifty years.  They serve an entire brick of cheese (pictured above), and a small loaf of warm bread at the beginning of each meal.  Guests are free to slice and eat as much of the cheese as they'd like before their dinner arrives, and additional bread will be served if desired.  Both are DELICIOUS!  I could easily make a meal of the bread and cheese alone, but the steaks cooked on the open-flame grill in the dining room are also wonderful, the "haystack" of deep-fried shoestring onions is addictive, and Papa Bear can attest to the fact that they make the best chicken-fried steak around - it's nearly the size of a dinner plate!  If you don't know what chicken-fried steak is, you are clearly not from Texas! :-)
 This long-horn bull - or at least his head - is mounted above the doorway. That's a little unsettling to me, but common room d├ęcor in these parts.
If you're ever traveling through Texas and end up in Odessa, be sure to stop by The Barndoor Steak House and sample some of that wonderful bread and cheese.  You can buy an extra brick of cheese to take home with you too.  I have... and they don't last very long at our house! :-) While you're there, head over to the adjoining Pecos Depot for a cold beer in a classic railroad depot, and just maybe you'll encounter Billy the resident ghost!
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  1. I've never seen such a large brick of cheese like that!

    The Barndoor Steak House sounds like a wonderful place.

  2. Yum-o on that cheese! Looks like a good place to chill.

  3. A brick of cheese wouldn't last long in our house, either! If i ever get to your town, i'll be sure to stop by.

  4. I know what chicken fried steak is!!! But when I think of it, the restaurant that comes to mind is the one in Johnson City with the big sign--Over Two Dozen Sold!

  5. Odessa is just a bit out of the way for us in Central Texas, but I'm sure I'll be through there someday. Thanks for the tip on where to stop!

  6. a Yankee...whats chicken fried steak? I'm off to Google.

  7. You just made me hungry!

    Thanks for pondering with me


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