Nona's Bed

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Eight months pregnant, Irene moved slowly through the old house in the stifling heat of summer and carefully made her way up the worn wooden stairs toward the sloped-ceiling bedroom that had belonged to her mother Nona as a child.  She wasn't sure what it was that had drawn her back to the old farm house today, but she had talked her husband Nolan into making the two hour drive from the city knowing that plans were in the works to demolish the house in order to make way for a  new home being built by her aunt and uncle. 

Irene's own mother was no longer living, and for Irene this house was a connection to family.  She remembered so many wonderful times spent here as a child when she and her mother would come to visit her grandparents for a week or two.  Back then the house was filled with love and laughter, and the smell of wonderful meals being prepared.  Now the rooms stood empty and forlorn with paint and wallpaper peeling.  Most of the household contents had been divided up among family members and hauled away.

When Irene reached the upstairs bedroom she knew why she had been led there. Standing in the corner was the old bed frame that had once supported the soft feather bed where her mother slept as a child, and where she too had spent her nights when they came to visit.  The simple metal frame was in surprisingly good shape, and Irene was certain that with a little work and a soft new mattress, it would make a wonderful bed for the little girl growing inside her that would soon be making her appearance.  She and Nolan had planned to name her Nona since they first found out their baby was a girl, and it seemed only right that Nona's bed should go home with them to grace the room of her new namesake. 

Irene could almost feel her mother's presence there in the room with them.  She closed her eyes for just a moment, remembering how kind and beautiful she had been, and praying that her own little Nona would grow up to be that way too.
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  1. A beautiful story, Josie. We can feel a connection to those who have left us through their things; the bed they slept in, the purse they held, the necklace they always wore. This is a story of connection and also of rebirth. I loved reading it!

  2. Yes! I often feel a connection with family through hand-me-down furniture. Love this.

  3. Furniture with memories is so hard to give up especially when it doesn't fit any more except in our hearts. Touching piece of writing Josie.

  4. Such a lovely story. Imagine that old bed frame!

  5. It's wonderful that a simple piece of furniture can evoke such memories. What a lovely story.

  6. Thank you for sharing a beautiful story.

  7. Moving story. Poignantly described, Josie!
    Everything happens for a reason. The bed had to go home for little Nona :)

  8. a heart warming tale...short...well written and easy to read.
    Nice writing

  9. Touching story of a woman's strong bond with her mother. Grandma's bed for grand daughter.What can be more refreshing to hear in these days of fickle sentiments.
    By the way Josie, thanks for that enlightening and lucid comment on my post. Your genuineness comes through the words!

  10. Wonderful! How blessed the little girl will be to have a special bed that means so much. She will have sweet dreams I am sure.


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