I Reserve the Right

Today I'm linking up with Patricia's blog hop In Other Words
where the creative writing prompt this week is the following quotation:
“I do know my own mind. The trouble is my mind changes and then
I have to get acquainted with it all over again.”
-Lucy Maud Montgomery

"Stop changing your mind!"  "You contradict yourself!"   "But you used to say..." 

Have you ever been told any of these things?  I have, and the people saying them didn't mean it as a compliment.  They were finding fault with the way my brain processes and reprocesses things, and sometimes comes to new conclusions.  My question is, what's wrong with that? 

One of my favorite quotes from way back says "Some solid concrete people are mixed up and set in their ways."  Think about it... rigid... unchanging, and unwilling to entertain new ideas or ways of thinking about things. 

"Don't confuse me, my mind is made up!"  Isn't that just another way of saying that you are so insecure in your own beliefs that you are afraid they can't stand up to the challenge of having them questioned?  What if the information you had when you originally made up your mind was incomplete or erroneous? What if new understandings have shed light on things in a different way?

Obviously, at some point we have to make up our minds about issues from the smallest detail - such as where to place the sofa in the living room, to the largest - such as what religion to embrace  and what career path to follow.  But that doesn't mean we are stuck there for the rest of our lives. Everything is open to new information, and everything is subject to reconsideration and change. We should always be willing to reexamine what we think and believe, and the choices we have made.  If they still ring true for us, awesome.  But sometimes it really is time for a change, and just as the photo at the top says, the first step to change is being willing to change your mind.  I reserve the right to change mine at any time for any reason, it shows that I'm still using it, as opposed to becoming a concrete blockhead. :-)

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  1. Exactly! For now, i think a certain way. If you can show me where i need to change something by giving me new information, i will do so!

  2. Hi Josie, I agree with you about the need to be flexible and responsive to new ideas,choices and to new and better way of doing things. Life is a continuous learning process for us thinking beings. For that we've to manage our life in such a way that every day has some goal to achieve ,which gives us pleasure and also stimulates us to create possibilities for the future.

  3. It's very interesting how people accept change or changing minds. Or don't accept. I like to stay flexible, so I don't miss out on anything. ;-)

  4. I read somewhere that ENFPs may seem to contradict themselves because their minds change via circumstances. I don't think you're an E, are you? But maybe you've got that trait. And it's a good one because shouldn't we be flexible enough to change our minds.


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