Compassion - It Begins With Me

Most of us would probably consider ourselves to be compassionate.  We care about the plight of others... the poor, the hungry, the sick, the neglected, and the abused, the victims of prejudice, unfairness, and cruelty of all kinds.  It is fairly easy to care about everything and everyone - all the popular causes, and even those not so popular - from a distance.  We speak out in protest, and we write our words of opposition with great fervor, but are we willing to take it one step further... to make compassion the central core of our beings and our lives?  
Compassion, like the love it springs from, must start at home with our families, friends and neighbors - where we work, where we go to school,  and where we live. We must teach our children to be compassionate toward all living creatures, toward each other, and toward those who are different from themselves.  We must teach them to be kind and to desire to reach out and alleviate the suffering of others in any way they can. 
We must learn to be compassionate toward ourselves, to be as forgiving and loving toward ourselves as we are with others. We must learn to value ourselves and believe in our God-given abilities and talents.  We must accept that life is a learning experience, and over time we will come to be the kind of people we set our sights on being.  We need to learn to nurture ourselves, and to heal ourselves, so that we will have the energy, ability, and resources to help others.
We must believe in the ability of ourselves as just one person to make a difference - a powerful difference - in the life of anyone who is suffering in ways we can see, and often can't see. We must find in ourselves the courage to speak up, to reach out, and to do so without passing judgment on whether someone is deserving of our caring. We must be willing to persevere in a world that can be calloused and sometimes mocking of our efforts.  We must believe in the power of love.
Compassion begins with me, it begins in the way I treat myself, my children, my spouse, my coworkers, my customers (or clients, or patients); it begins with the way I treat those I do not know and who will likely never be a position to return the favor to me.  Compassion begins when I learn to see the heart of Jesus in every living being, and to live my life wanting to do all I can to make the lives of others a little easier, a little better, a little happier.  There is no greater calling, and there is no greater source of joy.

This post was written for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion
Over 1000 bloggers and video-makers from all around the world
coming together to speak for compassion on February 20, 2015


  1. Yes, yes and yes!! It starts with us and then grows from there. Thought it may seem so little it first, it certainly goes a long, long way.

  2. Yes.
    Compassion begins w/ us. Compassion can transform the entire Universe!! Lets begin Today!

  3. Yes, yes and this must be stressed on more! We need to start it from within and spread it around us

    Random Thoughts Naba..Why No One Talks About Compassion Anymore?....

  4. So very true. One seemingly insignificant act of compassion can ripple out to affect so many. Best line: we must see the heart of Jesus in everyone. He is in every person on this Earth, and we need to act like it.

  5. A great post for the Compassion link up. Mine is posted as well, and I managed to link it into proud of myself for finding where to go and get it done. The reward from volunteering are far better for the volunteer than for the recipient.

  6. Yes, compassion is selfless and completely independent of how the object responds. Yet, it does help is the object responds in kind! That's how it builds.

  7. This is so true, "We must learn to be compassionate toward ourselves." Compassion begins with me. I love this post. So many truths!

  8. And I was going to do a funny post tonight...inspiration, they name is Josie!

  9. a great post full of so many great posts!! I love that you mentioned it begins at home too.... a lot of hatred in this world has been Taught! Teaching love and compassion in our homes -- training our children to respond this way FIRST, would make a huge difference in our world.
    Thank you contributing your voice!

  10. Yup - all of this. Every single word. It's why I love you. :)


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