A Dog's Life

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"George, we have to talk."

"Please don't start that again Gracie."

"I'm sorry George, but you've got to do it, I'm making the vet appointment for you today."

"It sounds painful, I think you should go instead!"

"We've already talked about that George, it's easier for you... just a quick snip, snip and a few stitches and you're done."

"You don't understand, Gracie, all my friends at the park are going to laugh at me."

"Listen George, in the past seven years we've had dozens of kids, and now we have hundreds of grandkids, and who knows how many great-grandkids.  I can't even keep track of their names anymore!"  It's got to stop George, I'm tired of raising litters!"

"I know Gracie, I know you're right.  It's just that, well, I'm kind of fond of my "equipment" and the fun you and I have had together.  If I go through with this it's all over, no more happy hump days, no more midnight rendezvous."

"Good grief, don't be so dramatic George, we can still snuggle up and keep each other warm. But if you don't go, you're going to find yourself becoming an outside dog and sleeping out there on the porch, then your friends will really have something to laugh about!"

"Well... I guess since you put it that way... as long as you promise that you won't go looking for some younger guy when you get hot and bothered."

"Don't worry George, you're the only guy for me, and you always will be. 

"Well... ok... make the darned appointment then, let's get it over with.  Geesh, the things I do for love."

This story was written for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom  at Linda Kay's Senior Adventures.  
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  1. You're doing the right thing, George! Kudos!

  2. What a cute story from the dogs' perspectives. It's usually the female that gets fixed, so this is refreshing as well! Thanks for linking in you picture story.

  3. Cute & sweet doggy story, Josie! Apt pic!
    Wonder if they really have such communication!

  4. This is a hoot! Great story for the picture.


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