Turn A Blind Eye

A skinny, dirty dog walked the edge of the road, looking lost and hungry out in the cold as the cars sped by... turn a blind eye.

Little Tommy flinched every time a man came near; neighbors heard his dad yelling and they heard Tommy cry...  turn a blind eye.

Susie came to work with heavy make-up on; accidentally walked into the door again, she said with a sigh... turn a blind eye.

Corey slipped another twenty from the drawer when the boss looked away, he reasoned that they ought to pay him more anyway.  When questioned, his coworkers watched him lie... turn a blind eye.

Mary saw the signs when her husband worked late, came home smiling like he'd been on a date. She hid from the truth and never let him see her cry... turn a blind eye.

People hung around the  church, living on the street, no place to go and little food to eat.  Church full of people praying to God on High, when they walked out they went right on by... turn a blind eye.
I'm linking up with Brenda at BYG Adventures
where the word we are Pondering this week is "blind" 

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  1. It's one thing i try hard not to do, look away. Maybe i can't do everything, but i can do a little something.

  2. Excellent job on this, very thought provoking. See you on Tuesday!

  3. This post reminds me that I've turned a blind eye to so many people so many times...

  4. See people doing less of this and more paying attention sure does fit with the #1000Speak thing, yes?
    You always make me think when I read here, Josie. XOXO

  5. If not now, when? We have mastered the art of looking away in this world today. sadly, it often takes something to disrupt our rightly ordered space for us to finally notice. we need to see with better eyes.

  6. Love this post.
    Thanks for pondering with me.


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