Taking The First Step

I'm linking up with Patricia's new blog hop In Other Words
where the creative writing prompt for this week is the following quotation:
“Faith is taking the first step even when
you don’t see the whole staircase.”
Martin Luther King, Jr

In order to begin my life with Papa Bear I had to take the first step... a huge step that entailed leaving my job of nineteen years, and the town I'd lived in for the past twenty, to move to Texas, find a new job, and commit to a marriage when my prior three had been the stuff of nightmares.   I had no idea how, or if, things were going to work out, but I had deep love for Papa Bear and faith that I was making the right decision for my life.  I felt certain that God was the architect of this staircase I was about to climb.

Now my daughter is preparing to climb a similar staircase.  She is going to leave Tennessee and move to Florida where her finace is co-owner of a business.  It's scary - leaving her beautiful home and a nursing position that has suited her well, so that she can begin a life with the man who has captured her heart.  Like me, she has no idea how things will play out, but she is trusting in her love, and her belief that this is the right decision.   My first step has led to the best and happiest years of my life, and I pray that things will work out the same for her. 

No one really knows what they will encounter on the staircase of life, we can hope and dream, and plan our journey, but we rarely arrive at our original destination.  We need to have faith that God has much better plans for us than we could even imagine, and we have to be willing to take that first step!

And what does that beautiful little dog up there have to do with this?  See the love in his eyes?  He's looking at his Master and he's willing to trust him and follow him to places yet unseen!

Come and join us!


  1. What a wonderful love story. I'm sure your daughter's story will be the same.

  2. Sometimes trusting enough to take that first step is the only way to go. You know this kind of tale is close to my heart right now so cheers from me. All the best to your daughter and her fiance!

  3. My next step will be difficult, but i'm going to take it in trust.

  4. Love your comparison of faith to the staircase, Josie...great reflection.

  5. What a beautiful story. The first step of any journey is bigger than all the rest. When I read your story that first step was huge! So much to step over to touch the first step. Truly a story of courage, faith, and love. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to you daughter and her fiance as they take the first step of their journey together. Thanks for adding to In Other Words with such inspiring words.


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