Outside the Box
I have always been a "think outside the box" kind of girl, maybe that's because I didn't seem to fit in the box very well.  Many of us have lived our lives feeling like we were outsiders, not really belonging or even fully understanding what was happening in the confined boxes labeled "normal".

 I wasn't very old when I figured out that I didn't fit in socially, and that my way of thinking about things was different than most of my peers.  Maybe I think too much.  Maybe I feel too much.  At any rate, by the time I'd reached adulthood I was quite sure that I had no desire to be stuck in the crowded, nondescript box of conventional thought and behavior.  Boring... unquestioning... robotic... those are words that come to mind when I think of people who reside inside the box. 

I love the illustration up above because it demonstrates perfectly what happens when you open the box and open your mind... creativity overflows, joy abounds, wonderful things begin to happen... your own personal light begins to shine.  That's so much nicer than just being a reflection of everyone crammed together in the box!
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  1. Great ponder - love the picture and the possibilities!

    Thanks for pondering with me

  2. Very right! Even I find 'inside the box' quite suffocating! :)

  3. Wonderful accomplishment. So many are not brave enough to live outside the box. You do manage it so well with grace and beauty

  4. Good point. Interestingly enough i'll bet if you asked 1000 people; less that 100 would claim to be a member of the "Box People."

  5. I know so many people who can't stretch their minds to look outside the box, as you have indicated. Great thoughts on the matter.

  6. Do something different, imagine something new, let yourself bloom!

  7. I like the expression "think outside the box."

  8. I always prefer a nice mix. I have known people who ALWAYS think outside of the box and found that I disliked them. I have known those who NEVER thought outside of the box and disliked them as well. But...then there are those who can think in the box but have that little freak flag that allows them to leap out now and then. Those are the keepers.....


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