Not Always Nice

I'm linking up with Patricia's new blog hop In Other Words
where the creative writing prompt for this week is:
“At home I am a nice guy: but I don’t want the world to know. 
 Humble people, I have found, don’t get very far.”
-Muhammad Ali
Prior to moving to Texas to marry Papa Bear, I worked in the admin offices of a human services agency for nineteen years.  A couple years after I started one of the program managers said to me, "You used to be so nice, then you learned how to get things done."  At the time it hurt my feelings, and was probably spoken out of jealousy.  But over time I came to view that statement as a compliment.  I am a nice person, and I want to be; but I am also a "take charge" person.  I am not afraid to speak out or take a stand if something needs to be addressed, even if I have to stand alone. 
I have learned through the years that employers will take advantage you if you are unwilling to stand up for yourself when it's called for, and to stand up for others too.  I am generally a mild-mannered office worker, but at some point in life I got tired of being a doormat, and if I see something that is clearly improper or unfair, you can bet I'm going to speak up!  Most people would probably say that I am nice, and I try to be; but there would undoubtedly be a few who would tell you I can be a real "b" at times, and I wouldn’t disagree with that.  Someone has to do it!  The life rules at the end of this post reflect my beliefs well.
As far as humility goes, I am not a braggart and I don’t like being  in the spotlight; but if I am able to accomplish something for the greater good, I am not beyond doing a happy dance and celebrating myself a little, such victories are so sweet!

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  1. Sounds a bit like me! Haha!
    There's definitely a softer side to me that lives at home more than out. I think it comes from my shyness. But that tougher no nonsense side was good for the classroom. Sometimes you do have to let the tough side get things done.

  2. There is a difference between being humble and being a doormat, they are not synonymous. Humble people can accomplish a lot, when they understand this, as you do.

  3. Josie, good for you. I'll check this site out for next week. Be sure and check in with me on Sunday for a new writing challenge on Wednesdays.

  4. Humble people are strong folks. They can get things done without showing off, take credit without being prideful, and they know how to keep from being the whipping post or doormat of others. So I would say you are a humble person with a great work ethic. Victories should be acknowledged so happy dances and celebrations are called for. Thanks for adding your words to In Other Words.

  5. I'm glad you learned to voice your opinions. There are ways of doing it without being a "b". Being humble is an important part of it. I think you have a great balance of it all.

  6. Standing up for yourself in a non-aggressive way, asserting yourself without being mean or hurting another is a true art. And your core of niceness remains.

  7. those are three good rules for life!
    And I remember when I choose my Maid of Honour -- some were considered that she was too controlling and opinionated of a person ... maybe even a real "b" at times. And I said, YES!!! that's who I need. That's who I want in my corner, because she absolutely will get all the things done that I require. (and contrary to what some may have felt, um - she does have some tact also, so easy.)
    I probably fall into the being too nice sometimes.. because it just feels easier at the moment. but I am also kinda tricky because I am being nice... but yes, I am still basically going to do what I want. I just won't fight with you about it - I just go do it anyway. ha.


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