Making Plans

I'm linking up with Patricia's blog hop In Other Words
where the creative writing prompt for this week is the following quotation:
“The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.
Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed.”
- Eminem
The first thought that came to mind when I read the Eminem quote is John Lennon's statement that appears in the illustration above - "Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans."   That has most certainly been the story of my life, and I suspect that's true of most people. 

I've always admired folks who did a lot of planning for their lives and futures, and I think it's a good thing to have goals that motivate you to strive for something.  But I still smile when someone says "I'm going to be...", or "I'm going to do this or that in a few years" or, "someday I'm will...", because in all likelihood their lives will play out far differently than they anticipate.

I think though, that it may be a good thing that we don't always know exactly what's ahead or where the road will take us.  Not only would it be boring if we never encountered any surprises, but there are also a lot of tough times in life that we manage to get through when we encounter them. If we knew about them in advance we might give up before we ever got there.

I had a lot of wonderful plans for my life when I was younger, most of which never materialized. As I grew older I learned that each stage has its own interests and desires, and ten years down the road you will probably be less enamored with that idea and be focused on something else entirely.  Now I look back and smile at the things I thought were so important then, and there are only a few dreams that I wish I would have followed through with, such as completing college.

Just as Eminem says, life is indeed "a crazy ride", but when I look back at all the incredible things I've experienced, I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Very nicely shared, Josie.
    I too enjoy the ride. I may not have the most comfortable seats in this journey of life, but I know it's a for a reason. I will have better seats and better companions soon :) The others are there to teach me lessons!

  2. Oh shoot I totally forgot about this hop! In the meantime it IS about the journey!

  3. Josie, you are right about each stage of our life having it's own twists and turns. Part of the fun of living is being able to roll with the tide.

  4. Sweet narrative. Of course, we make plans to achieve certain goals, which mean a lot to us.But then as they say, "man proposes God disposes."

  5. Life is broad to understand that I think the best we can do is live crazy to stay sane. :)
    Let's have fun while it lasts.

  6. It's good to make plans, and be ready to change them when the need arises. Some people do grow up to do exactly what they thought they would, so don't let the fact that life changes things keep you from having dreams and pursuing them.

  7. My birthday was this week, and that always gets me thinking of plans. Future ones, past ones; ones that worked out, ones that didn't.

  8. I think I am much more content adopting the philosophy of "bloom where you are planted." Having goals and plans is all good and fine; but like you said: life is fond of tossing crazy twists and turns at you. often.
    Finding contentment and nurturing yourself in the place of NOW -- that is much more of a struggle, but then again - most harvests are. Who knows: you might just yield a big return!

  9. It is true that life just sort of happens in spite of the plans we make. And it is true that life does have lots of surprises is not boring! Thanks for sharing your words here. You always have some wisdom to pass along.


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