Cookie Capers

January is always a hard month for my two sisters and I.  Both my father and mother's funerals took place in early January, fifteen years apart.  Although my mother passed over to the Spirit World twenty years ago, there is still an empty spot in our hearts - we try to fill the void with good memories...
Today my younger sister was baking some of mom's favorite cookies and texted me bemoaning that they weren't turning out as perfect as mom's did.  That started us reminiscing about mom's baking.  Saturday always meant something special being made for Sunday dinner's dessert along with a batch of cookies to refill the cookie jar.  Christmas time brought  a wonderful assortment of cookies that Mom made and stored in containers on a shelf in the garage, which was nice and cold, being in South Dakota. 
I was telling my sister tonight how I used to slip by the shelf in the garage on my way back to school after lunch, to fill my pocket with a handful of cookies.  I'm sure Mom wondered how her cookie stash got depleted, though I think she had a pretty good idea considering I'd been pilfering cookies for years from the containers she kept in the deep freeze in the basement.  Then company would come and she would go downstairs to gather a plate of cookies to discover that supply had dwindled considerably.  I was always the prime suspect, since my love for cookies wasn't exactly a secret, and cookies kept in the big red apple cookie jar on the kitchen counter were carefully rationed by Mom. 
When I grew up and left home, Mom always sent a box of homemade Christmas cookies with a package of Christmas napkins tucked in.  How I miss those care packages!  Now I mail boxes of cookies to my children along with a package of napkins, and they are always received with much appreciation.  I wish they were still home to come flying through the kitchen and swipe cookies off the racks as they cooled.  I realize as I grow older that my mother must have wished the same.
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  1. Josie, this is a beautiful story. My mom was a baker at Christmas as well. This year I tried to channel her as I baked several batches for the family. Somehow hers seemed extra sweet and buttery. The love that went in them is hard to duplicate. I miss her every day, and certain things just remind me of her presence - baking cookies is one of them. Thank you.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by to join in, Jose.....your picture of the cookies is great to write your story with many great memories of your mom and those great homemades.

  3. Baking, and especially holiday baking, always conjure up happy family memories for me, too. This is a wonderful way to remember you mother.

  4. Josie, what a sweet story. I love it. And I have a big red apple cookie jar, too! It never has cookies, though. We keep other treats there - chocolate truffles or mini candy bars or whatever we might have. We don't eat cookies fast enough to keep them in the jar - it's not airtight. So I put those in something else.
    I always love memories of loved ones that are connected to food. The kitchen and the food that is prepared there just says home and family to me. Always has. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story.

  5. Such lovely memories! Learning to bake with my grandmothers on both sides was a special thing.

  6. This is a heart-warming, sweet story. :-)


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