An Ill Wind Blows

(photo credit - Papa Bear)
Jessica stood at the ferry railing as it churned across the channel.  She had taken the late night ride to get away and clear her head.  Her face was tense with emotion.  She was way past fed up with the never ending struggle in her relationship with Chase, and it was time to make a move. 

Jessica and Chase had been together for five years, but his never ending-complaints and attempts to control her every move had turned her life into a nightmare.  She was ready to put an end to it. There was a problem though, Chase had vowed that if she ever left him he would make sure that no other man would ever have her, and she knew beyond a doubt that he meant every word.

Suddenly a huge gust of wind caught Jessica as she stood there and sent her long hair flying.  The raw power of the cold ocean air energized her and ignited a fire inside her that she hadn't felt in a very long time.  Her tense features softened and a strange smile spread slowly across her face.  She knew what she had to do.  Tonight Chase would breathe his last breath, come tomorrow she would be free.

This story was written for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom  at Linda Kay's Senior Adventures.  
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  1. It's so sad when women get involved with men like this. Way too often she gets in trouble for fighting back, too.

  2. Fabulous story and link with the picture...although a bit scary. Jessica has gotten the wind in her hair for sure!

  3. oh chilling!
    sadly, this is often an all too true story for some.


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