The End is Near

Today is December 30th, and the end is indeed near... the end of this year anyway.  Some of you that are a bit older like me may remember scenes similar to the one above, the doomsday prophesiers proclaiming that the end of the world was near.  In fact the group of people of which I was a member back in the early seventies believed that the world was going to change drastically by the year 2000.  We see now that things really haven't changed much.  Still, the way that life plays out sometimes leaves me wondering about the direction it is headed.  
I have always been eager to wrap up the year, get it over with, pack it away, and move on.  There was always hope for the next year to be the best one ever.  I've had a lot of lousy years, and a few truly great ones... like the year I met Papa Bear!  The ones since then have been filled with so much love and laughter, more than I ever believed could ever happen in my life, but they haven't been easy.  We aren't kids anymore, we work hard at our jobs and we get tired out; our bodies keep finding more ways to act out and wear out.  It's a never-ending struggle to deal with it all, and  to keep up with the ever-increasing costs of everything.  We look at the future and it's sometimes scary.
Yes, the end is near - at least for this year, and like Tiggy in her box down below, I'm poking my head out cautiously when it comes to the new year.  I know the pitfalls that could be waiting for us, but I also hold out hope that it could be the best year ever waiting to unfold.  I pray that 2015 brings us continued health, strength and courage, a few delightful surprises, and some wonderful memories in the making... and I pray it brings the same to you.  
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  1. All endings are also beginnings. Happy New Year from the Philippines, Josie! ;o)

  2. Maybe our New Year's resolutions should be taking one day at a time. Happy New Year, Wishing you lots of joy in 2015

  3. Each year we learn more, hopefully grow more. May these things make us each a better person, because that is all we can really control.

  4. May your ups be higher than your downs. Happy New Year!

  5. I'm going for a great year 2015 and wish the best for you!

  6. I think we all question where life is heading us at some point. Each New Year brings promise and sometimes good things and sometimes bad things but the best part is knowing there are people around who share our same feelings. It's been a pleasure blogging with you this year. Looking forward to more fun and postings in 2015 - Happy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year to each of you! Let's make it a good one!

  8. I'm going with the theory that it will be great!


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