Fire In The Sky

When I ponder "orange" what comes immediately to mind are the amazing photos 
of sunrises and sunsets at my very favorite place...
  Galveston Island, Texas on the Gulf Coast taken by talented photographer Billy Hill Sr.
Billy lives on the island and ventures out on a daily basis
to capture images of the sunrise and sunset and what occurs between them,
including some beautiful photos of the beach and the birds!
 These photos and many others can be seen on Billy's Facebook page, Billyblues G-townsurf .
I have his page on my newsfeed and gaze longingly at his little slices of Heaven each day, wishing that I back there once again.
I'm linking up with Brenda at BYG Adventures
where the word we are Pondering this week is "orange" 

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png


  1. What a great post. I too love sunsets and sunrises.. My home is filled with wonderful pictures.

    Thanks for pondering with me

  2. Oh, i'd love to see that sunset in person! Someday i'll have to get to Galveston.

  3. A gorgeous sky. Thanks for posting!

  4. I almost did sunsets on Lake Superior. Then my orange pondering took me in another direction, however.
    As you know, I spent part of my childhood (4 years) in Galveston. Many sunrises and sunsets, as well as many other wonderful times, were spent on the Gulf, both at and on the water. Since, I have been along the Gulf and East Coast, with Bill.
    So your love affair with Savannah is over? Ha.

  5. How beautiful! Orange is such a difficult color...these are stunning, though.

  6. THIS!! This is exactly why sunsets are my favourite colour!! these are gorgeous. just stunning.

  7. You've got me convinced, Josie, it is such a pretty city. It may not be this year, but next. Hint: I will be on a boat leaving from the Port of Houston cruise terminal and sailing out through the Channel. But still, we should go down there, it is only 102 miles from our house to the end of I-45 to the Interstate end on Broadway Avenue in Galveston. We have not been since Hurricane Ike.


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