Two Shoes Tuesday #99 - Your Choice!

Two Shoes Tuesdsay
Welcome to Two Shoes Tuesday...  a place for those who love to write!

This week brings the 99th Edition of Two Shoes Tuesday...
and the following week we'll be celebrating the 100th Edition! 

This week and next week linking up your post will enter you in a drawing for this:
You can use whichever previous prompt inspires you!  There are over 150 prompts to choose from!  However this time you DO have to include the prompt word in your post. Please make the word prompt you choose obvious - highlight it, underline it, or make it another color so we don't have to hunt for it!  Posts which do not include one of the previous word prompts will not be eligible to win the drawing.
The winning blogger will be announced on Tuesday, October 21st!

Your contribution must be in the form of an original poem, essay, or short story (fiction or non-fiction), and it must be a new piece - not something drawn from your other writings or archives.

Your link must go directly to your post for Two Shoes Tuesday, and somewhere in the post you must provide a link to Two Shoes Tuesday.  It doesn't need to be big or fancy, just a text or logo link at the end of your post will be fine. You will have an entire week to link up your post.  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions.
Choose your October 7th writing prompt
from the list of past prompts found on the Two Shoes Tuesday tab!  


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    1. Thanks, Zoe! I'm delighted that Two Shoes Tuesday is continuing to grow!


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