The Good Little Witch

I so loved this hat when I tried it on before, that I just had to buy one tonight when we were at Cracker Barrel.  Better yet, they were already on sale.  I'll wear it to work on Halloween.  I love the photo, compliments of Papa Bear. Contemplative is more the real me than smiley face.


  1. very nice.... I mean spooky! but in a nice way :)
    I have no idea what to dress up as this year... I spent an hour in the costume store today. nothing.
    its all "Sexy cat" "Sexy nurse" "sexy pirate" ggggrrrrr.

  2. I have an entire Victorian mourning outfit that I used to wear every Halloween when I'd take Liv trick or treating. Now...SHE wore it to a pre-Halloween party. Had to let the hem out, but it fit her well!


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