Haleigh's Moon

This awesome photograph was taken in Minnesota on October 8th
by eleven-year-old Haleigh B.  This story is written for her.
Haleigh often spent her weekends in a house close to the woods.  She loved to go for walks there on warm afternoons and cool Fall evenings.  But when the dark came the woods took on an eerie feeling with tree branches rustling in the wind and the sounds of animals moving about, and she stayed close to home. 
Haleigh liked to sit out in the backyard at night and watch the moon rise over the treetops.  She thought it was so beautiful, and she worked hard at capturing it just right with the camera on her phone.  People noticed that she was very good at this and told her that she should consider photography as a hobby, and maybe a career someday.
One night Haleigh stood outside waiting with her phone in hand to capture the huge full moon.  There was just enough mist in the air to make the sky glow softly around it as it rose.  As she stood watching in awe, Haleigh noticed something pale moving in the shadows at the edge of the woods, down near the ground, lurking among the trees. 
Suddenly whatever it was noticed her too, and came running straight toward her.  Haleigh stood there rigid, too afraid too move, too terrified to scream.  
The creature emerged from the shadows as the moon rose higher, and Haleigh was able to see it clearly just before it leaped into her arms...
This was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the theme choices this week are mist and moon.
If you enjoy writing, come and join us!


  1. Nice, Josie. I guess she won't be going out alone at night to take pictures.
    My 'writer' cell in my brain went lame today and still tonight. So I ginned up a few lines just to be here I hope to do better next week...

  2. The photo the girl took is amazing, and suitable for your writing prompts.

    -- We watched the total lunar eclipse on October 8, but you may not have seen it in your country...

  3. That's a very cute puppy - so what could have been really awful and scary turned out to be cute and fluffy. Love the description of the night and the woods and the moon.

  4. If she decided to be a photographer, i'll bet she will be one of the best. Cute puppy, maybe her next pics will be of him!

  5. Awwww, such a cute story and an adorable puppy.

  6. Leave it to a puppy to do that! I can see why Hayleigh would like this story. Cute.

  7. If you've got to be scared out of your wits I can't think of a nicer way than by a puppy.

  8. Haleigh is a talented little girl...and a brave one. Your story is delightful. I am sure Haleigh is pleased.

  9. What a great piece of collaboration with the photo and the story. It is so good to hear of children showing real promise at that age. Let's hope this inspires her to continue to be so creative, perhaps to write as well!


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