Rhythm of the Waves

 Papa Bear and I spent last week on Galveston Island.  It was heavenly! 
 I had to put my toes in the ocean as soon as we arrived.  The water was so warm!
What draws me there is the push and pull of the water, the rhythm of the waves.
Rushing in, washing across everything in its path...
and then retreating, sweeping the sand clean and smooth.
The push and pull of the water washes my spirit clean too,
 sweeping away all the stress, frustration and worries of life...
 until nothing remains but peace.  It is a beautiful feeling!
 Sunset is my favorite time on the island, the colors are magical!
The waves lapped gently as we took a ferry ride across the channel 
on our last night at the island.
So  many beautiful memories made together... memories to last forever!
This was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the theme choices this week are push and pull.
If you enjoy writing, come and join us!


  1. My Grandmother used to say that Ocean water will cure anything. Apparently it even cleans your spirit.

  2. That looks like a great big "aaaaahhhhhhhh."
    And the heart is too sweet!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful post.

  4. I so enjoyed following your trip all week. The photos you posted were so pretty, they helped my spirit, too, from thousands of miles away.

  5. You've refreshed me just reading about it!

  6. Great shots of the beloved ocean. Even when roused it is glorious to see.

  7. Such a cute picture of the heart and your names...and I loved the push and pull of the waves.

  8. A beautiful vacation. I feel an attachment to ocean, much as you do. Peace and tranquility. And love. Lots of love in your photos.


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