On This Day Six Years Ago

On this day six years ago I did something I wasn't the least bit nervous about... I married my beloved Papa Bear, one of the best men God ever made!
One would think that with my history of three miserable former marriages, that I would be wary of trying it again.  But I had it figured out this time, I made a list of the things those men had in common, then I chose someone who was the complete opposite!   
We were married in a private ceremony at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in East Texas.  The only ones in attendance were the two of us, the minister, and the two innkeepers as witnesses.  We wanted it that way, intimate rather than a big fancy affair.
Marrying Papa Bear was the best thing I've ever done in my life!  My life has changed so incredibly much in the past six years, and I know that no matter what the years to come bring, we will weather the storms together and continue to celebrate the good times with joy and laughter. 
My story is a testimony to the fact that God doesn't always answer our prayers immediately, and we not only need to be praying but also listening to what He is trying to tell us.  Once I understood the lesson, Papa Bear was there and waiting for me, just as God intended all along.  In my case He most certainly saved the very best for last!  I hope we are granted many more wonderful years to share!
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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! !! Many many happy years more!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! And congrats on such a great choice. East TX brings my hometown (Port Arthur) to mind. Ah, humidity, mosquitoes, and refineries (as well as San Augustine grass, huge trees, and many wonderful people).

  3. Persistence certainly has paid off for you in your quest for Mr. Right. Congratulations from this far country.

  4. Happy anniversary and oh my goodness you are so cute! Both of you look so happy, so in love, and so adorable.
    You're right - sometimes God's answer is "not just now...wait a bit." I get it.
    Kidzilla, the Hub, and I all wish you many happy years together.

  5. Such beautiful pictures of a beautiful love story. You look fantastic in your purple dress. Happy Anniversary.

  6. Josie, so happy for you to have found the right guy. Some of us have to give it a try more than once! ;-)

  7. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing your beautiful story and photos.

  8. A blessed and beautiful Anniversary to you! Your story is a true "happily ever after."

  9. Happy Anniversary and what a sweet, sweet, love story you have. God is good.

  10. Whenever I read a post about you and Papa Bear, I always feel this happiness for you. It's something inside me that feels genuinely happy for you. I still remember your comment in one of my posts last year and I'll paste it here: 'You are young yet, you have two great kids, and I’m betting that down the road you will meet someone who is the perfect soul mate that will turn out to be your forever husband. I didn’t meet mine until I was over 50, but he is amazing and so very worth the wait!'

    When we're in the topic of partners and marriage here at the office, your words would always pop up - 'I didn't meet mine until I was over 50'. I would always tell your story to my officemate who is now is her 40's, single, but with 2 kids (the older one is adopted and the younger one is her child from an ex-boyfriend). Unlike me, she's still in high hopes to find 'the one', while I would tell myself, it's enough. Being in a relationship is not in my mind now. Besides, I'm expensive - a woman with 2kids. We're a package deal. Who wouldn't think twice about that?

    Keep spreading positive vibes, Josie. You're such a sweet woman ;o)


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