Her Story

"Oh my God, it's real... it's 'The Book'!" Anisa said, astounded as she lifted the hand-bound volume from the deep inside the old wooden chest, where it had lain buried beneath a pile of faded quilts. For as long as she could remember there had been a family legend about the book her grandmother claimed to be writing.  Now and then the old woman would share a tale or two from her life, but when prompted for more, she would simply smile and say "You can read about it in the book someday after I'm long gone."  Then everyone would chuckle, assuming it was just her way of putting the conversation to rest.
There were rumors that Anisa's grandma had lived a far more colorful life than one would think from the way she seemed to her grandchildren, a kind old woman, frumpy and plain, who kept mostly to herself, but every now and then she would stand up and let go with a tirade over some subject she felt strongly about. 
"Do you really think that Grandma led an exciting life back when she was young?" Sophie asked Anisa. 
"I don't know," Anisa replied. "When I asked mom about it once she said that Grandma's life had been pretty hard.  I know she was married and divorced several times, and I heard that some of her husbands didn't treat her very good.  But she must have kept a lot of that story to herself, because even Mom said she didn't know why Grandma would sometimes get that faraway look in her eyes and seem so sad."
"Do you think it's ok if we read this?" Sophie asked. 
"I don't know why not," Anisa answered.  "Grandma always said we could read it after she was gone, and she's been gone for five years now.  Come to think of it, she died five years ago today... strange coincidence, isn't it?"
With that the girls settled on to an old dusty sofa in the attic that they had pulled up near the window for more light, and began to slowly read thru the pages of their grandmother's handwritten life story.
Over in the far corner, the dust stirred a bit. A wispy transparent figure hovered near the wooden chest observing them, and although they were too absorbed in what they were reading to notice her, she was smiling. This was the story of their beginning too, and her influence would continue on into future generations just as she had planned.
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  1. Love that! She kinda has a familiar history, yes?

  2. Love it...makes you want more.

  3. If only all our elders could leave us such a book!

  4. I've always enjoyed your handwritten tome as I'm sure your grandchildren will, as well.

  5. oh you have to continue this story!! this is so amazing. I just love this idea! We also found some books my grandma had kept after she passed. Full of stories, poems and the most amazing drawings!! We had no idea she did that: she kept her secret well. I will never forget that lesson - of how we tend to look past our elderly and forget that they too have lived a full life outside our own conception.


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