The Veggie Stand

I'm linking up my story with Brenda at BYG Adventures, where the word we are Pondering this week is "stand"... 

Every summer the folks on Dalton Road looked forward to the opening of Farmer Jake's produce stand.  He grew a bounty crop of corn, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers and squash, and they always tasted wonderful.  Jake would open the stand early in the morning, and often sell-out before noon.  Farmer Jake had a smile and a friendly word for everyone, it was apparent that he enjoyed the selling as much as the growing.  No one knew that Jake's personality had a darker side.  Each summer he chose one item, one vegetable to inject with a highly toxic tasteless chemical, and each summer one or more of the locals mysteriously died.  Farmer Jake read the obituaries in the local newspaper, once a year it made him smile.
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  1. LMAO...... funny!!!!
    Thanks for Pondering with me!

  2. Yipes! I didn't expect to see this one! You have carried the ponder to the extreme, girl!

  3. OH MY!!!
    I never saw that twist coming. how very Stephen King of you :)

  4. How scary!

    The first half of your story sounded as if it were a true story...

  5. Ghoulish of him! Good story with a twist.

  6. I send my stories to my sisters to read. My little sister replied that she didn't think she'd come to my house for dinner anytime soon! Bwahhahaha! :-)

  7. Oh my...what a wicked twist to this homegrown tale. Yes, Farmer Jake did have a dark side...a very dark side.


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