Thankful Thoughts - August 31st

1.  It's a perfect Sunday Morning here, made even better by the knowledge that we have yet another day off tomorrow!  I am thankful that, although we both worked yesterday, we will still have two days to enjoy together. Lots of relaxation and very little work is on the agenda! :-)
2.  Just as it says in the illustration above, I am thankful for the way my life has turned out. I had some big plans when I was young, and others along the way that didn't work out either, but this chapter has turned out better than I ever could have designed or imagined.  Despite the daily struggles that we all have, I am very, very blessed!
3.  I am so delighted and thankful that our law firm has hired a wonderful new attorney for our office.  We had an opportunity to meet him and his wife on Friday, and go to lunch with them.  He is very young, just out of law school, and is from here so he won't be shocked at our somewhat barren environment or the skyrocketing cost of housing.  They are both just as friendly and sweet as they could be, and he served as a missionary for two years in Brazil, so he has a genuine compassion for people who are struggling.   I am so looking forward to working with him!  Attorney's are known for being a bit egotistical, and I see non of that.  Thank you Jesus for prayers answered!
4.  I am thankful that I survived Thursday, Friday, and yesterday of us removing and returning all the furniture in four of our offices for new carpeting... a pretty dark red that is 1000 times better than the very old, very stained earth tones carpet it replaced.  All that lugging, hauling, stress, and glue fumes has my fibromyalgia acting up big time, but it was worth it and this too shall pass. It is so fun to walk in and see it look so much nicer... and it's padded so much softer under my feet!  Two more rooms to go eventually when budget permits.
5. Have I mentioned before that we will be headed for a vacation on Galveston Island? :-)  I am very thankful that I can look forward to this kind of scenery just three weeks from today! Far, far away from work, worries, weariness, and the ever-ringing phones...YAY!
6.  I am thankful for the comic relief of furkids.  This morning Toby stuck his nose in the dry waffle ingredients bowl, as I was preparing waffles for our late breakfast.  It came up dusted white, which was funny.  I told him not once, but three times to get off the counter.  He did, and then would quickly return again.  (He is at toddler stage and doesn't listen well.)  But then Papa Bear stood up and said firmly "GET DOWN" and Toby Tyler scrambled quickly to the floor and under the china cabinet.  As in all houses, dad rules! :-) 
7.  I am thankful that I got to text/visit with both of my kids last Sunday simultaneously, and talked with both of them this week.  I'm a mom, I miss their voices!  My kids are the awesomest, and I cherish the relationships we have.
8.  I am thankful for the great phone conversation Papa Bear had with his oldest daughter yesterday.  Although she is not his biological daughter, they are very much alike and very close.  It did his weary soul good to visit with her at length, and I know it did hers too. I so admire the relationships he has with his children and grandchildren.  He is truly an awesome, caring, thoughtful father!
9.  I am thankful that today is the last day of August, and symbolically the end of summer, as kids and college students return to school, and God willing it will gradually cool off here!  We've still got another month or so of the hot stuff, but at least we are heading in the right direction. Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year, not too hot and not too cold, and maybe we'll be blessed with a little rain. Time passes quickly though, just four more months to the end of the year.
10.  I'm thankful that the creation of gratitude lists has made me more mindful of my life and all the good things I have in it. I far less spend less time regretting the past or fretting about the future these days.
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  1. Galveston Island? WHo knew? It looks lovely! I have so enjoyed getting to know you better the past few weeks Josie! Thanks so much for that too!

  2. Nope, I still can't be thankful for the end of summer. Not really. I will miss the warmth and light of it.

    BUT your vacation sounds like it's going to be great, and YAY for a sensible, HUMAN new attorney. He sounds like a winner.

    And kind of half a yay for the carpets, though it's a shame they had a negative impact on you while they were going in.

    I hope you have a beautiful rest of your long weekend :)

  3. Chloe Jo is a perpetual baby. She is so very naughty. As I write this she is on her back in the crook of my left arm, her arms around my neck. She and Grizelda will be four in November. But Chloe Jo is emotionally an infant. It is challenging, as she is into literally everything. We love her dearly, though. She is a blessing.

  4. I'm especially happy for you that you have resolved your fears of change in the office. I know you were pretty stressed out about it. I'm going to join the Ten Things of Thankful this week....good practice.

  5. Always love your thankful posts. Such a great reminder that a life of gratitude is a life well-lived.

    I think you saw that I don't get Labor Day off, and I have yet to ask WHY we are not afforded the federal holiday that most all other institutions have off, private or public. A three-day weekend would be embraced wholeheartedly - I need just one extra day to recover but press on, I must.

    I am SO grateful to hear about the new attorney and answered prayer! Sounds like it will be an entirely different atmosphere there and I pray it continues to be a positive one from here on out.

    I didn't realize (I don't think...) that you had fibromyalgia. I have looked into that because I have suspected it myself. I have an autoimmune as well and it is usually a daily mystery as to what that day will be like, health and energy-wise.

    I am BEYOND excited you have a trip to look forward to!! Yay!!!

    Have a great day tomorrow! Hugs!

  6. I just love your inspirational pictures. I am glad the office situation is working out. I miss my adult children. Even the one that still lives here. I love seeing them and spending time with them. You have a very nice list, Galveston sounds (and looks) beautiful.

  7. Cats are hysterical, aren't they? They are always good for cheap entertainment!
    I love your items about Papa Bear and his family - good and strong family relationships are so important.
    Hooray for vacation time!
    And I have to say I love your item about making lists of gratitude. I think it's had that same effect on me - making me see the good in my life when it's so much easier to see the negative that sometimes hides it. If it weren't for the thankful posts, I'm not entirely sure how the Hub and I would have made it to the point where we are now.
    Your quote at the top says it all - life rarely goes as planned, does it? But sometimes that's OK, too. Sometimes it's important to thank God for the unanswered prayers as well...

  8. It is such a blessing to be able to stay close to your children as they grow up, and your new attorney sounds like a real winner!

  9. My ears perked up when I read "served as a missionary for 2 years in Brazil." That's the typical length of a Mormon mission. Perhaps other churches send missionaries out for that amount of time, but as a Mormon, when I hear of a 2-yr-mission, I automatically think that maybe that missionary is Mormon. Regardless, hurray for a nice co-worker! :-)

  10. Great news about the new attorney!

  11. Your posts are always so uplifting and your pictures are the best. I know what you mean about things not going the way we had planned them to go, thankfully!

  12. Fabulous list of things to be thankful for and may I just say that first photo was breathtaking & one to be thankful to have seen.


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