Thankful Thoughts - August 24th

It's a quiet Sunday Morning here.. Papa Bear is still asleep, the furkids are out on the deck in their play dome fantasizing about chasing the family of quail running across the yard, the ceiling fan is blowing a cool breeze across the room on what promises to be another scorcher day here in West Texas, and it's the perfect time to write a Ten Things of Thankful post... 
1.  I got to spend a lovely, restful Saturday with Papa Bear. Typically, this only happens once a month, but this month he got two Saturdays off since he didn't get to take one last month.  I love it when he has a little extra time to relax.  Working six days a week is exhausting when you aren't a kid anymore!  Next week he will be working Saturday, but will have the Monday holiday off to spend with me... Yay!
2.  Speaking of the Monday holiday, Labor Day, that means a three-day weekend for me, and I am so ready for it.  Work overload has been wearing us all down at the office and we so look forward to the breaks to recharge.  Other than being short-staffed, as yet another hiring prospect fell through, things are going ok there at the moment, and we are grateful for that.
3. The Saturday hours I worked a few weeks back resulted in overtime pay which allowed me to order a new pair of sandals... joy of joys, mine were wearing out!  I am a bit unusual in that I don't own or wear multiple pairs of shoes, it's just not my thing.  I wear sandals all year round, adding sox if it's very cold, and closed shoes only if it snows, which is rare here.  My toes love the freedom to wiggle and the fresh air! :-)  So, I wear the same pair over and over until they are ready to fall apart, then I buy a new pair.  I have very wide, thick feet, so finding comfortable, supportive shoes makes them relatively expensive.  This time I am trying a new brand found online at a better price, I'll let you know how that goes.  I even splurged and ordered two pairs, dress sandals for work, and some sling-back sneakers for our vacation coming up in a few weeks!
4. Friday our office received a call from a client whose disability case we had just won for him.  He was so happy and grateful, and made a point of telling our case manager who answered the call just how much he appreciated the way I had treated him each time he called or came in.  Wow!  That made my day. I am always so happy when we succeed in helping someone with legitimate need win their claim, it is typically a very long process, and it makes all the difference in a life that has become a struggle.  One thank you is worth all the grumbly, grumpy calls we deal with day to day.
5. I am thankful that I was taught spelling and basic arithmetic when I was in school.  Both seem to be missing elements in the educational system today. I am appalled at the amount of misspelled things I see in resumes and reports, things posted to Facebook, etc. ... even with the benefit of Spellcheck!  I am equally saddened when I have a fast food cost of $7.25 and when I hand the server $10.25 she is puzzled about the proper change. Remember too, how multiplication tables were drilled into our heads by rote?  Yup, we still use that stuff as grownups, and it needs to be taught.  I've heard that many schools are also dropping the teaching of cursive handwriting.  I think that's sad, receiving a note or letter in the handwriting of someone we love is a precious thing.  Printing just isn't the same.
6. My nephew was struggling with a job situation this week, and I sent him an email of encouragement.  He and I aren't in regular communication, so I was so delighted when he sent me back the nicest, thoughtful long reply. I have great nieces and nephews! :-)  Praying for a better week for him.
7.  I am thankful for the little lunch boxes made up by the deli at our local grocery store.  For five dollars you get a large scoop of chicken salad, tuna salad, ham cubes, or seafood salad,  several great crackers to eat it with, grapes, and cheese cubes. I add a pack of Sugar Free pudding or something similar, and have a great lunch that I don't have to pack or wait in line for at a fast-food drive-thru, healthier too! 
8.  I am so thankful for new friendships made through blogging and Words With Friends that are brightening up my days.  It's so nice to have someone to connect with and trade a few notes with during stressful work days.  I don't socialize much in "real life", I am happiest when at home, so these connections mean a lot to me!   I wish I had more time to devote to friendships, I cherish the ones I have!
9. I am thankful for non-stick aluminum foil!  A great invention, especially for us lazier folks who find it much easier to line a casserole or brownie pan with this than to scrub it out!  See... sometimes it's the little things like this that we overlook which are blessings in our lives and make them easier!
10.  I am deeply thankful that I don't have drama in my life anymore.  I see it in some of the lives of  friends on Facebook and people I used to know, and I remember how exhausting it is to be living from one emotional disaster to the next.  I recently posted the photo of me that is on the sidebar here to Facebook.  Not an excellent one, but good enough for now.  I received more than one comment about how peaceful I look, and when I thought about it I realized that it is true, very few things shake up my world anymore.  I may get my feathers ruffled for a day or so now and then, but overall I have learned to take life as it comes, and to focus on the positives.  What a difference that makes!  May you spend the next week building up your wall of positivity too!
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  1. Frist?
    Sounds like you've had a great week! Time spent with Papa Bear, yummy lunches for work, new shoes (I'm not a shoe person, either, similar reasons), a well-deserved compliment at work, and no drama! Yay for you!

  2. You have a great list, Josie. Let's play Words with Friends. Can I find you on Facebook? I play on my phone and hook up through Facebook.

  3. Very thoughtful post, and I share your peaceful place with you. I'll have to give this some thought, and maybe join in some time with Ten Things of Thankful. I'm sure they are out there.

  4. sounds like a great week you've had! and yeah for extra time with your sweetheart!

    today I am thankful and happy for sunny summer days that have returned to us, just in time for annual summer church picnic and beach Sunday!! everyone had a great time and we got maybe one last swim in before school starts.

  5. It is nice when the drama calms down. Right now, with teens and young twenties in the house, i have to be able to have that calm in spite of the drama!

  6. I do like your outlook. It feels like something I should be working towards getting for myself.

    I'm so glad the man rang back to say thank you for your professional support. What a nice thing to do! It really does brighten the day when someone is genuinely grateful for your effort on their behalf :)

    Ohhhhhh I hope you have SUCH a lovely time at the beach. I really am rooting for those days to FLY past until you get to go :)

  7. Those are really great things to be thankful for.

  8. It is so rewarding to hear that the little things you do are appreciated. How nice of that client to phone back to make sure you knew.
    How nice you are going to get to spend so much extra time with Papa Bear this month!
    It is astounding how many people can't do basic math like making change. We send our kids to a school that makes kids memorize their facts and learn cursive. Many schools don't. When I taught, the public schools in our area didn't teach spelling. Even when kids spelled things wrong on their papers, teachers wouldn't tell them it was wrong. It was all about kids feeling comfortable sharing their thoughts without worrying about grammar and spelling. Then those kids would come to the school where I taught and be so far behind. I taught 5th grade, and the poor kids couldn't spell basic words. I'm going to get off of that soapbox now. :)
    Blogger friends are a good sort of friend, to be sure!

  9. Isn't it wonderful how a simple thank-you can brighten a day? So nice that you were on the receiving end of that one!

    A good pair of shoes can make such a difference, too. I hope that your new pair(s) turn out to be super comfortable.

  10. I liked #7 because I'm craving a 1 a.m. snack! And I totally forgot about the holiday coming up! No, no, no...September in my mind has always meant the end of summer :(

  11. As always a lovely list of positive stuff :-) xxxx

  12. Good shoes that fit well are always wonderful. I have feet that are difficult to fit - super skinny heels (the only part of me that is super skinny) coupled with a very high instep and lousy arches. Shoes are not my friend. So finding a great pair is a triumph!
    You have so many good things on here - and I love the simplicity of some. No-stick foil? Yes. A nice note or phone call? Yes.
    I am always stunned at the basic skills that people lack today - making change, multiplication tables, spelling. And general knowledge references that people once all understood that are completely unknown anymore.
    Hooray for your market's box lunches - that's a great option!
    Yay for days off with Papa Bear!

  13. Wow! So many things to be thankful :)
    So glad.
    Even I believe in the positivity mantras you have shared.

  14. I'm so with you on spelling. In our office, we are in the process of hiring a new office manager and translator and it just amazes me when I read through some of those resumes...


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