Thankful Thoughts - August 16, 2014

It's been awhile since I've written a Ten Things of Thankful post, the last few weeks have been pretty stressful.  It's not that I haven't been thankful, but rather that it's been a weary kind of gratitude that says "all is well", but longs for a nap.  I can honestly say that these past few days have been a bit better, and I've made it through to another weekend!  So let's get this show on the road and talk about some good stuff...
1.  Most importantly, things are evening out a bit at work, and we were able to play catch-up the past three days, making a good dent in the paper pile that was threatening to avalanche.  A nice side-benefit of having to work hard to keep things running, is the three of us coworkers pulling together and working more cohesively than ever before. I love that!  We spend so many hours of our lives at  work, and it seems senseless to spend them in a swirl of pettiness and drama. 
2.  Yesterday brought the news that our firm is going to begin deducting $100 monthly from employee paychecks to pay a portion of our health insurance.  What's good about that you ask?  Well, not too much and I admit to doing my share of grumbling.  But the cup-half-full approach reminds me to be thankful that our firm continues to pay the lion's share of our health insurance premium, and this has become more and more rare in the work world.  I am thankful that it isn't going to cost us even more.
3.  I wore one of my favorite shirts to work one day this week and a visitor walking down the hallway commented on how pretty it was.  When you are older and don't have a fashion model body people rarely comment on what you wear.  It was a day brightener to have someone take notice. :-)  I try to remember that  and comment when I see pretty things on other people too. Everyone likes to be told they look nice.
4.  My older sister began a new job working in a Montessori Pre-School this week.  She has spent her life being an office worker, like me, and was so very tired of it.  She recently took a job in a low-income daycare center that was poorly managed and under-funded, and she often found herself left alone in a room with far too many little ones to care for adequately.  Being over sixty, it was wearing her out.  I am glad she was able to find a better opportunity and I am praying this works out for her. When she turns 65 she should be able to reduce her hours to part-time.
5.  The folks at are my heroes, once again!  They have come out with a new program called Kindle Unlimited which is a subscription plan (similar to the Netflix concept) which allows Amazon Prime members to download all the books the want for $9.99 a month, including audio books.  This was the perfect gift for my niece who loves to read but has very limited vision.  I purchased Amazon Prime for her, and am sending her the $10 a month to fund a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  She loves it.  I am sending $10 a month to my daughter for the same thing, and she too was delighted.  It's not that the $10 is a huge financial sum, but when budgets are tight it helps, and they will enjoy getting a monthly card in the mail with a ten dollar bill that they can spend to cover the cost of reading to their heart's content!  I just signed myself up too, and it has already paid for itself for a month with the download of just two books I wanted to read.  What a great, fun blessing! This is not a paid advertisement, I am truly one of Amazon's biggest fans! :-)
6.  One day this week while I was sitting at the park enjoying my lunch I noticed a couple things around me that I might usually take for granted or miss altogether.  Then I had the wonderful idea to use this for my theme in next April's A-Z Challenge... a list of daily observances, things which make my life nicer!  It will be fun to watch for things to add for each letter of the alphabet.  I think I am going to enjoy this a lot more than what I did this year, which I felt turned out kind of boring and preachy. I am thankful for writing inspirations!
7.  Why is it that when you are trying to keep your hair (or bangs) cut, they seem to grow so quickly, but when you are growing them out it takes so long?  My hair is waist-length, but I recently decided to grow my bangs out and it has taken until now for them to grow enough that I no longer have to clip them to avoid looking ridiculous or have them hanging in my eyes.  I am thankful for that!  Will take a new pic for the sidebar soon. 
8.  I am thankful for the love of furkids!  They are always so affectionate in the mornings and sad when I rush around getting ready to leave for work.  Saturday mornings is "our day" as Papa Bear works until 3 PM, and this is my quiet writing/playing time.  All four are gathered around me within arm's reach, taking turns at soft-pawing, nuzzling, and settling on my lap for a snooze.  I think that next to family and close friends, furkids are the greatest blessing of all!
9.  I am thankful that plans for our annual wedding anniversary/vacation getaway are finally falling into place, and we are counting down the remaining five weeks until we head out on a road trip to Galveston on the Gulf Coast.  Papa Bear was there years ago, but it is new for me, and I am thrilled to be going somewhere that I can share a moonlit beach with him! 
10.  I am thankful, ever so thankful, for a husband that is not a grumbler... because I am, and one in the family is enough! :-)  Papa Bear has had a really hard life, and yet it is so very rare to hear him  complain much about anything, he pretty much takes life as it comes and rolls with the punches. He is such a good example for all of us to follow!
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  1. Josie, you are wise to look at that medical insurance deduction as a positive. My husband and I pay $1700 a month for our plan. He is self employed and we have a small group. I would love to receive that Kindle Unlimited gift. I'm going to be dropping hints around for my husbie or children for Christmas. My husband is not much of a complainer either, and I am thankful for that. I am able to complain enough for both of us. ha ha.

  2. Josie - the To be determined comment is from me. (Val) My daughter signed on and never signed off. :)

  3. Amazon really ought to put you on the payroll! That sounds like a fabulous deal.~May@AchievingClarity

  4. Ten wonderful things indeed.

    Some days it is harder to find them but they are always there.

    Galveston and the ocean...I have vacation envy. I discovered last year, we probably won't travel far again. Pictures! I hope you have many to share and that will be second best to being there.

  5. Fur babies are definitely a great thing. I can't wait for a little furball joining our family later this year! Isn't it weird how especially stressful times sometimes change things for the better among coworkers? I hope the new cohesiveness will remain even after the work load goes back to normal. Have a wonderful weekend with your family, Josie!

  6. We were in Galveston in July! Go eat at Shrimp N Stuff, Benno's, and Gaido's. You won't be sorry! Unless you hate shrimp, then you might be sorry! And ride the ferry from Galveston to Bolivar peninsula and back. Just park your car and ride across and back. It's FREE and you will get to see dolphins!
    I'm glad to hear someone else has A to Z Challenge ideas popping into their head, too! I'm thinking about doing a cooking one.
    Glad to see you back at TToT this week!

  7. Such lovely thoughts in your posts, and so glad to see/hear that you are getting a better vibe on how things are at work. Keep that glass half full! And have a spectacular time in Galveston.

  8. So many good things, and i agree about work being the wrong place for pettiness and drama, as you spend so much time there. My Sweetie deals with such stuff a lot, and it's not fun.

  9. I'm not very good at complimenting people when I think a shirt or outfit looks good. I don't know why, but I have been making an effort at being better at it, too.
    I can't believe you have a theme for A-Z already! Good for you. It's a good one. I'm trying to come up with one that would require short posts.
    Glad to hear your anniversary trip is set. I've never been to Galveston, but after hearing about Dyanne's trip, I'm thinking it's a place I need to hit one of these days.

  10. Your theme for the next A to Z challenge sounds amazing.

  11. I'm impressed with your dedication to A-Z...I'm wondering if I'll even attempt it! I found it such hard going by the end! Well, by halfway, if I'm honest.

    A genuine compliment from a stranger is a lovely thing to receive :) How nice.

    And I know I keep yelling this in your direction every now and again, but BEACH! YAY! :D

  12. Have a great vacation, and enjoy that moonlit beach!

  13. I'm so glad that you and your co-workers are pulling together. Discord in the workplace is no fun - and you are exactly right that it's far too much time of one's life for it to be stressful and uncomfortable between people. Having the health insurance - even at a cost - is indeed a blessing.
    A to Z challenge...impressive. And what a good idea! I have yet to do one and honestly, don't know that I ever will. Feels too much like being told what to do! :D
    Rotating snuggles with the kitties is definitely a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon. But shh! Don't tell anyone that I secretly love when my Rotten Boys rotate through my vicinity asking for some Mamma Love!
    Have a great vacation!!!

  14. So good that work continues more or less smoothly! Post that pic soon! Wear your pretty shirt!

  15. I so share your love of fur kids! Can't do without doggies either!

  16. hey those are new photos this week right? Cool about the work...better about the vacation and beach! How long anniversary... wait.... I gotta go check if I just dont remember right back....

    Nope I didnt miss is... so how many years for you and the papa bear?

  17. Your list is quite the gamut of things this week. Our insurance changed this year and while it is (also) costing more I think the coverage is a little better. The whole business of picking plans confuses me. A non-grumbling spouse is a blessing. I have one, too. Have a great week.

  18. great list, good to have you back on 'the circuit'. I get the grat on the health insurance… deducting $100. is not fun, but given the (likely) total cost, that is a good item.
    I resisted the kindle, for various old person reasons (lol), but a gift like that! a zillion books available at any time! (which means, to me, the luxury of 'exploring' books…given the price of hardcopy books, I tend not to want to take a chance on something I am not certain I would enjoy).


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