I'm linking up my story with Brenda at BYG Adventures, where the word we are Pondering this week is "glass"... 

A few years ago I was working in the office of a truck dealership.  Four of us women shared one crowded office, and the interplay of personalities was always "interesting".  Ok, more often than not it was a royal pain! 

At one point the dealership hired a new office manager that far outshined anyone who came before or after her.  She was intelligent, caring, fair, capable, and fun to work with.  She brought with her a huge clear bowl of glass marbles that she placed on the end of her desk, explaining that she had collected them over the years and enjoyed looking at them.  So did we, they were beautiful!  All kinds and colors of cat's eyes, large and small.  Some were smooth and pristine, others were nicked and scarred and looked like they'd spent a good deal of  time competing in the ring.  

Our office manager would smile as salesmen, parts men, and service techs alike came into the office, and would soon be checking out the bowl of marbles, drawn to it like moths to a flame.  I think the bowl of marbles evoked fond memories of childhood,  many of us older staff once had our own bag of marbles and competed on the school playground during recess.  The bowl of glass marbles attracted even more attention than the candy dish sitting on the counter.  A handful of larger more unique cat's eyes were scattered atop the rest and drew the most  notice, people often picked them up for a closer look. Everyone truly enjoyed the display, it was something different and fun!

It was a particularly sad morning then, when we arrived at work and the office manager discovered that one of the most beautiful marbles was missing - a very large cat's eye with a beautiful blue-violet twist inside that almost resembled a wisp of flame.  She was heartbroken.  The bowl of marbles had sat on the desk for weeks, enjoyed by all, and no one had felt the need to steal one... until now.  I suppose it was to be expected, the temptation was just too much.  But in wanting to possess that marble for him/herself, that person robbed the rest of us of the pleasure of enjoying the marbles.  Before long she took the bowl of marbles home, fearing that more would disappear.

It wasn't too many more weeks before she herself left, becoming frustrated with the lack of responsive management.  I missed her greatly, she was one of the best supervisors I've ever had, and the one I most respected.  We missed her beautiful bowl of marbles too.  Now when I see marbles I smile, remembering that bowl and the pleasure we derived from it.  What a shame that one person chose to ruin it for the rest. 

Sadly, life is too often like that - people believing that they need to have someone or something all to themselves, rather than choosing to share what they have found as a blessing for us all.
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  1. I had a little leather bag of marbles, don't ever remember playing the shoot'em game though.

  2. I still have my marbles!!
    (that could be interpreted two ways! LOL)
    And what a great story -- so ON Point!

  3. What a neat thing to collect! Who would have thought a bowl of marbles would bring such interest and joy to a workplace?

  4. Marbles are fun to collect. Grandpa keeps his on his desk in a glass jar, so if anyone tells him he's lost his marbles, he can argue that no, he hasn't, they are right there in the jar where they have always been!

  5. I love looking at marbles... I used to be a pretty good shot too! My brothers and I would draw a circle in the 'L' shape of the hall - so fun!!!

  6. I love marbles and stones... there is something about letting them roll around in your hands and through your fingers thats soothing!


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