Right Frame of Mind

I'm linking up with Brenda at BYG Adventures, where the word we are Pondering this week is "frame".  What a timely topic...

As I wrote about in my last post, things took a turn at my work place this week.  It is yet to be determined if that means took a turn in a new direction or took a turn for the worse.  It's going to be a "wait and see how it all plays out" situation. 

I arrived at work on Wednesday morning full of trepidation and feeling a bit nauseous over the dramatic turn of events that had occurred the previous day, with my attorney/supervisor departing the firm abruptly.  The last time I'd seen the owner/head attorney of our firm was over eighteen months ago, although we do talk briefly on the phone quite often.  He has the reputation of being challenging, difficult, and somewhat impulsive.  He is also intelligent, generous and caring, depending  upon the moment.

It was a long day, with much to be discussed and taken care of, and although I came home both physically and emotionally wiped out, I have to say it turned out to be a much better day than anticipated (as so often is true of our fears).  Everyone was on their best behavior and "played together" nicely.  Our boss was obviously concerned about our intent to stay or go, and did his best to encourage and reassure us that we were appreciated and all would be well.  Thus, I came home feeling hopeful, having no awareness of storm clouds looming on the horizon. 

I am still mentally and emotionally processing what has transpired in the two days since then.  We will be working at the office tomorrow from 9-3 to complete some important projects, when I get home I'll add a post entitled "Getting Down and Dirty" that will tell you more. 

I want to end on the note that I began with the message illustrated at the top of this post by noting that, although it has been one of the more difficult weeks I have experienced in many years of working, I remain at this point unruffled and unscathed.  I am focusing on the tasks at hand that can be dealt with, and with helping to keep my coworkers and I functioning as team in the midst of  upheaval.  There is a mountain of anxiety that I could let weigh  me down, and legitimate concerns for the future, but none of that would be productive at the moment, so I will simply say that I believe what will be will be; we shall muddle our way through it and find our way.  I have done so for sixty years, and I am not about to be defeated now.  Survival is all about maintaining the right frame of mind; I choose to be a survivor rather than a victim of the game of life.

Now head on over to BYG Adventures and share your thoughts on "frame"!
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  1. You are really doing a great job, getting through this life challenge. The thoughts at the beginning of the blog are really on point. From a religious point of view, I have always found it wise to give it over to God when you can no longer be in control.

  2. Frame of mind and taking one day, one moment at a time.

  3. My favorite way to calm down has to be the serenity prayer. I never get much further than Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. It normally gives me a swift kick in the butt and tells me to just breathe.
    I am confident that this little 'test' will not knock you down and you will be stronger for it. (but then that does beg to ask: when do the tests stop?)

  4. An excellent way of looking at it that will serve you well, and i hope it all works out better than you could have imagined!

  5. I am glad that Wednesday went well. i suspect that you may know this could possible be the "honeymoon phase" that might come to an end. I hope not though. I hope it turns out to be a tolerable situation. Good luck!

  6. Oh, man, Josie - sending you every good thought I can! What a week!
    Then, get this - I'm catching up on my blog reading (note how far behind I am this week) and this is the third thing in a row I've read tonight that speaks directly to things going on in my own life. It's been a series of "wow" moments and I feel like God is sending me all kinds of messages. Amazing how things are put in front of you when you need them most.
    I love what you said about being a survivor, not a victim in life. Yes. Hang in there, my friend!

  7. Well, this is very hopeful. Hope the trend continues.

  8. this is so true and so needed!! I've been ill the past 2 days, I have a nasty virus on my computer that took 3 days to eradicate and almost left me in tears, and I am supposed to have a family reunion today that I am not feeling in the right frame of mind to attend. BUT --- you just gotta push past all that stuff, right? because family and loved ones ARE the most important thing, and of course once I get that first hug from somone: all will be well!! :)


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