No Turning Back

I post a lot of "positive thinking" quotes on my Facebook page.  I do it for a couple reasons, the first being that they work like spiritual vitamins strengthening my heart and mind in the effort to be the person I want to be.  The second reason is simply that the ones with good artwork make me smile... like that little guy up there for instance. His tilted head and bright blue eyes drew me into the message he was sharing, and I absolutely love what this quote says. 
We are most comfortable in familiar routine of our lives and  tend to panic when the normal rhythms of our lives are disrupted. We become like Chicken Liken who exclaimed "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"  One of the lessons we often fail to grasp when growing up is that life is all about change; we are constantly evolving from the time we are born until the time we depart the physical realm.  If we are incapable of adapting to the changes we encounter in our lives, we will stagnate and a part of us will wither and die. 
Why are we so quick to always assume that change means life is taking a turn for the worse?  While it seems to be true that many times difficult events initiate change in our lives, that in no way means that the outcome is going to be negative. There is no need to panic, run, or hide our heads under the covers.  It is entirely possible that good things can come from what we view as "bad", and they might just be the changes your life has been needing.  You might find yourself  in a better place that you will end up liking more than where you were before!
I'm definitely being put to the test right now in my work situation.  Many factors have come into play which generate fear, anxiety, and STRESS.  It is physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting, and I have no clear knowledge of what the outcome will be.  I could spend my time worrying about that, or I can focus on the day at hand, on doing my best to keep my stress levels in check and my mind peaceful, on remembering to breathe when things get  tense. 
There is no turning back in life and time never stands still, regardless of how much we sometimes wish it would. The reality is that what will be will be; doors close, doors open, and  ready-or-not, change affects us all.  I'm keeping my thoughts positive, believing that God has some good things at work in this, and whether I eventually end up staying with the firm or moving on in a new direction, it will be ok.  I will be ok! 
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  1. Josie, if you haven't read it, Max Lucado's book "You'll Get Through This" addresses the transformation of Joseph in Genesis. Read especially Genesis 44 and 45, where Joseph sees first revenge, then forgiveness, as he recognizes what God had in store for him through all his trials. Really gives one a lot to think about. Good for you, hang in there girl!

  2. I love the picture....maybe it just means you need to take a new perspective!

  3. I understand everything youve said here and agree... I will always be okay... it may not work out as I expect but it will be okay...

  4. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Josie.

  5. May this current change bring you much good, especially as you find strength you didn't know you had!

  6. I love your positives on Facebook. It is so very refreshing.

    I actually like a bit of change. I am one that actually needs it from time to time. The change that you are experiencing is not the kind that is always fun, but in the end, it may leave a better result. Going through the burr patches to get there, though, isn't fun.

    Hang in there, friend. When you shut the door in the evenings, leave it all outside, and go out under the stars with Papa Bear and enjoy those moments!

    Thinking of you!

  7. Often stress and the fear attached comes when young. Strangely and luckily being young during the second world war in Europe allowed me to expect and cope with almost anything. Seeing what could be borne shows what you can cope with in the future. Sadness stoicly borne and joys are even more welcome.

  8. First, you are most definitely in my thoughts and prayers.
    Second, I'm in disbelief again tonight as I do my blog catching up and find several things that are so completely appropriate to what I am dealing with right now - today - that I can only see it as meant for me to read. I have a huge decision in front of me. In my heart, I know the answer. I know what I want to do, what I have to do. I am terrified to make the call. Post after post tonight, Bible passages in my daily devotional, songs on the head is swirling.
    Check out my Wednesday post (it's up now) for a great song I found...I think you might like it!

  9. I still battle anxiety in my daily life but I have learned that whatever happens God will use it to fulfill His purpose and plan for me. Gives me peace to know this and the anxiety does not overwhelm me. I am praying for your peace and comfort.


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