It's A Date

(Author Unknown)

I have a date... a date with destiny.  So do you; in fact we all do. We inhabit our bodies only temporarily and eventually return to the realm of spirit from whence we came.  I believe this. I also believe that what we do with our time here matters.  We have a choice in that... we can choose to be "good" or "bad", to be caring or uncaring, to be self-focused or to live a life focused on our interaction with others.  We can choose to let life happen to us, or we can choose to have a role in determining what happens.  We can have a miserable life experience, or we can do all that is within our power to make it good.  Can we shape our destiny?  Yes, I believe we can!  I also believe that in some way we will be held accountable for the choices we've made. 
Several years ago blog "memes" were a common thing.  Everyone would take the same idea or question and post their personal spin on it.  The one I remember most well was a simple question... "When you die, what would you like your tombstone to say?"  In other words, how would you like to be remembered.  There were all kinds of interesting answers to that one, both serious and funny.  The one that struck me was the person who said simply that she wanted her tombstone to say that she was kind. 
Kind. Humph!  I realized that no one was likely to suggest that for my tombstone at the time.  While deep inside I was a kind, caring  person and have always been, on the outside I was angry, frustrated, short-tempered, quick to criticize and condemn.  I was bitter about life and where my choices had taken me.  It seemed that all my efforts and many prayers had gone to naught, and I was angry about that too.  I was so angry with God that I decided to entirely deny His existence.  That makes me smile now.  I'm pretty sure it made God smile too. I'm sure He  knew that I'd come around to my senses eventually.  
But you know that question about an epitaph weighed on me.  What would people likely say about me when I was gone, and what was it that I wished they would say?  Those two answers were pretty far apart, and that disturbed me.  I really liked that idea of being thought of as kind.  Who doesn't like someone who is kind?  In reality, I'd place the value of a kind person far above someone who is intelligent, or wealthy, or successful.  Kindness is such a great balm for weary souls.  A little act of kindness can make so much difference!
So I decided back then that I was going to let more of that shine from me.  I was going to work at discarding those outer shells of hardness and being unapproachable.  I was going to let go of the anger and the disappointment and the bitterness.  I was going to commit myself to being kind, and I think I'm doing better with that these days, though I know I will never be a model of perfection.  I am content in knowing that I do not want any part of what is mean, insensitive, or cruel.  I don't want it in my life, and I do not want to associate with people who do.  I make it a point to reach out to others with kindness and encouragement, and in doing so I make myself happy too. 
I am sixty years old now, I would like to think that by the time I am seventy or eighty I'll be ready for that date with destiny, ready to return home to the spirit world, and ready to hear the words people say about me after I'm gone.  It is my hope that they will be kind.
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  1. Just lovely. The extra benefit of kindness is the reward for the action in how you feel about yourself. That smile of thanks from the recipient of your kindness can light up your day.

  2. I would certainly refer to you as kind…kind and gentle is the feeling I get from you through your writing. I appreciate it!

  3. In the many years that I have known you, you have been nothing but kind. While I am sure that you are actually more aware at your kind ways now, I think you sell yourself (and your kindness) short from before, Just sayin'. :)

  4. Of course we can never see ourselves as others see us. Our families see us differently from our workmates. There is a saying that "you have to be cruel to kind" I prefer to be honest (in a discreet way of course!) Over the years you realize that anger really gets you nowhere.

  5. I think if we all strive to be more kind this world would be so much more beautiful. I love reading your inspirational words because they exude kindness. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Even not having spent time with you in person, I would feel confident in saying that you are a kind person. What sometimes shows on the outside is not always entirely indicative of what's on the inside. Not that you would seem UNkind on the outside - I'm talking about those facades and barriers we all wear for the outside world. :)

  7. Oh, Josie. You are so kind. I can feel the connection through your words and comment. Thank you so much for sharing this "epiphany". When life gets in the way and we are all stressed and tied up in ourselves, we need something to remind us to let our "deep inside"s out.

  8. Really touching, Josie.
    If we all decide to be kind, how much more better our world will be...
    No killings/wars/terrorism... Kindness much needed.


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