"Glamorous," Rosie scoffed.  Oh yes, she was definitely feeling glamorous since the birth of their third child six months ago.  She hadn't lost all the weight she put on during the pregnancy, and now that she was a stay-at-home mom she had traded in her tailored business suits for baggy blue jeans and boxy button-down shirts.  The long hair she once took such pride in was pulled back haphazardly with a clip, and her face hadn't seen a trace of make-up in weeks.

Rosie was exhausted by the demands of keeping up with three little ones, and conversing in child-speak day after day was taking a toll on her once bright mind and witty personality.  She felt grumpy, depressed, and anything but attractive.  "Who is he kidding?" she thought to herself, shaking her head in dismay as she re-read the card that had been delivered with the morning mail.  It was a beautiful Valentine... in July no less, bearing hearts and flowers and a romantic verse.  On the inside she found instructions in her husband's handwriting... "Clear your calendar for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  A taxi will arrive at 8 AM on Friday to whisk the glamorous Rosie away to a secret destination.  Mom is coming to take care of the kids.  Pack casual, possibility of clothing optional destination." It was signed with the same lopsided smiley face that Jay had been drawing on cards and love notes for the last seven years.

As much amused as intrigued, Rosie tried to question Jay about it when he arrived home from work that night, but he just smiled that mysterious smile of his, eyes laughing, and shook his head in silence.  She couldn't help but be a little curious about what he was planning.

Jay's mom arrived after dinner on Thursday night, much to the delight of the grandchildren who adored her, and a taxi pulled into the driveway at 8 AM sharp the next morning as planned.  With a smile and a greeting, the taxi driver headed off to his pre-arranged destination, which turned out to be an upscale hair and nails spa.  There she learned an appointment had been made for a haircut and color, make-up,  nails, a pedicure, and an awesome massage.  Rosie felt like she'd died and gone to Heaven. 

As Rosie went to leave, the spa owner handed her a small envelope with that all-too-familiar silly smile drawn on the front.  Opening it, she found a substantial gift card to her favorite clothing store with an  attached sticky note bearing her husband's scrawl, "Have fun... max it out!"  As she popped into the taxi waiting out front she thought about how long it had been since she'd gone shopping for herself instead of the children. The new hair and make-up did wonders for her morale, and she couldn't help but smile in the full-length mirrors as she tried on new clothes and chose an assortment of pretty things. What a refreshing change from those somber three-piece suits she used to wear!  The cashier bagged her purchases as the store manager summoned the taxi, and she was once again on her way. 

Rosie could hardly believe her eyes as the taxi pulled up to the curb at the airport terminal, and there stood Jay holding a huge red rose, eyes sparkling like a school boy on his first official date.  A short while later they were on a plane and headed to a private resort on the California Coast. 

Rosie had no idea how Jay had pulled all this off.  He confided that he'd been saving for months, even before baby Joseph was born, wanting to give her a very special gift for being his wife and the mother of his amazing children.  Tears welled up in her eyes as he held her hand and spoke with such tenderness about how beautiful she was to him everyday, and how gorgeous she looked right now after her morning of being pampered.  He told her that he found himself loving her just a little bit more every day, and that he was going to love her every day for the rest of her life.

Right about now Rosie found herself beginning to feel just a wee bit glamorous.  Fussy babies, dirty dishes and scattered toys forgotten for the moment, she nuzzled close to Jay - the love of her life, as the plane began it's descent.  The resort limo would be waiting and a wonderful romantic weekend was about to begin.
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  1. Awww. I totally got sucked in. . . I can SO relate to this character too. . . Beautifully written, Josie. ;)

  2. I want my husband to do that for me. How beautiful and wonderful and romantic. A fantasy I'm sure we've all had when we are up to our elbows in childcare, dirty dishes and housecleaning tasks.

  3. What a great men like this really exist?

  4. Oh, wouldn't it be glorious! And it's nice to dream.

  5. What a fabulous story to attach to the word "glamorous". I had the tv on this afternoon and caught a show where the host was trying to teach some guys how to be sensitive and loving. This guy needs no help!

  6. What a wonderful husband Jay is! He knows what his wife needs most now. How thoughtful of him!

  7. I had an awful feeling she would suddenly wake up! But no it was really true. Curiously my wife and I were great planners so we would have been both in on the adventure from the start.

  8. Where are these husband and fathers who do this? I have been dreaming about this for 10 years!! LOL
    Although, I guess to be fair, if I wanted this dream to come true, I probably shouldn't have become a stay at home mom. Ha.
    I would settle for an entire 24 hours of no one needing me. and I probably wouldn't worry about being glamourous. In fact, the goal would probably be to become as unfit for public viewing as possible!! LOL


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