Friday Four Fill-In Fun - August 22nd

Feeling Beachie
I'm joining Hilary at Feeling Beachie for Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  Hilary provides four statements with blanks for us to fill in and share on her blog-hop. Come join the fun!

The Statements:
  1. ___ is my least ____
  2. When I was ___ I thought _____
  3. My worst subject in high school was ___
  4. I write best ____.
My Answers:
  1. Housecleaning is my least favorite thing to do, but I love the feeling of having it all done. It is hard to keep up with here in West Texas where the dirt blows constantly and dust is a non-ending battle, along with floating cat fur! :-)
  2. When I was in my third marriage I thought all men were horrible, because in my experience they were.  Papa Bear was the first to show me that God did indeed make a few who are truly awesome.  :-)
  3. My worst subject in high school was chemistry.  I enjoyed the lab work, but found chemical equations to be no fun. Our teacher wasn't able to present it at a level we could understand.
  4. I write best when it is quiet, and when I start with an idea and just let my thoughts flow. If I work too hard at something, it comes out lifeless.


  1. Okay I'm not to keen on house keeping either but I agree it's great when it's all done and everything looks wonderful. We don't have a lot of dust storms here but we certainly have the floating cat fur. I see you are fellow cat lovers, your cats are gorgeous. I'm glad you found a keeper in Papa Bear.
    I wasn't great in Science either. I loved English, Writing, History. Have just signed up for e-mail updates to your wonderful blog.

  2. If you want my opinion on housecleaning, look at my username! And my worst subject was PE, i've never enjoyed it except when we got to go bowling.

  3. I agree with the housekeeping thing. It is a good feeling to look around and see how nice everything is but then it all goes to pot. Clean the kitchen and it's time to cook...clean the bathroom and you need to shower...put clean linens on the bed and it's time to go to bed. Never ends. As for the writing...if I work too hard it gets all garbled. Better to free associate and let the thoughts flow.

  4. I write best to music! And I have several writing songs based on not only my mood but the mood of the post at hand, Josie! :)

  5. Oh that's so true #4!! It took me awhile to realize that if I was stuck in a writing piece, it was probably because I was trying to force it too hard. When I just walk away for a bit and let the idea settle and germinate; I can usually return and finish it quite easily soon.
    I think some of your Texas dust blows up here.... because my house is sooooo dusty. it's crazy. this is Ontario - why?

  6. House cleaning is ok. Depends on what mood I am in if I like it or not. :)

    Oh yes...chemistry. Didn't like it either.

    Thanks for sharing.

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