Some Great Advice

A blog friend from the past resurfaced yesterday, and we engaged in a bit of conversation about writing and blogging.  This morning he directed me to this blog post written by Justine Musk on her blog.  It's great advice, well worth the read...


  1. Fascinating advice! Since i'm not a writer, i'm thinking there's a lot there that can be applied to how you just live life.

  2. I'm going to agree that the post could be about so much more than just writing - it's a lot about living. This one particularly strikes me today...
    "The way to deal with fear is to let yourself feel the fear: if you try to suppress it, it comes back stronger. Know that it’s in you but not of you, and you don’t have to let it stop you. Move with and through it like you’re driving through bad weather. When you start writing, the fear fades away."
    Having had to deal with fear myself lately, I'd say that's about right - you have to feel it, to own it in order to conquer it.
    Good stuff.


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