However Long The Night

Jasmine sat curled up in the old recliner, wrapped in a quilt and holding her cat Misha close.  It was 3 AM, and she couldn't sleep, just like ever other night since her husband had left her six months ago.  She hated being alone at night, the bed was too empty and every shadow or noise scared her.  She had even taken a second work shift, a night shift at the café where she was a waitress, to avoid being home alone.  But this was her night off, and regardless of how exhausted she was, sleep just wouldn't come.  She knew that if she went back to bed she'd just lay there with her eyes open, tossing and turning. 

Jasmine had tried over-the-counter sleep meds, a cup of warm milk, and even a glass of wine as one of her friends suggested.  None of it worked, and she was afraid to ask her doctor for something stronger, knowing that it might make her too groggy for work.  She envied Misha for the cat's ability to fall asleep any time and anywhere.  Right now Misha was snoozing contentedly, draped over Jasmine's arm. 

Once again all the old tapes began playing in Jasmine's head.  Why did Zac have to leave her?  Why was she such a lousy wife that he'd gone looking for someone else instead? Then the tears began to fall, just as they had every night for months.  Misha blinked and looked up, awakened by the sound of Jasmine sobbing.  She nuzzled against Jasmine, trying to reassure her, but Jasmine just cried all the harder, believing that the only one who really cared about her was her cat.

Just then her phone lit up in the darkness, and a beep indicated that someone had posted to her Facebook.  That came as a surprise; the only sort-of friends Jasmine had there were her co-workers at the café and a couple cousins who lived clear across the country.  She didn't bother to post much there herself, feeling that her life was too depressing to put it on public display. 

Opening Facebook on her phone, Jasmine found a message from someone named Carl.  Carl? Her mind puzzled wondering who that might be.  The only Carl she could recall was a guy she had dated off and on in high school about ten years ago.  She read the message, and much to her amazement, that's exactly who it was... Carl Bremmer!  The note said that he'd married right out of high school just as she had, but had been divorced for a couple years now, and being unable to sleep, started thinking about old times.  The fun they'd had together crossed his mind.  He said he'd noted that her status also said single and he didn't want to intrude on her privacy, but if she'd like to talk some time he'd sure enjoy a call.  He left his phone number. 

Eyes wide open now, hands shaking, Jasmine typed a response, and before long texts were flying back and forth.  Just as the night sky began turning to a soft pink in the distance, Jasmine's phone rang.  "Jasmine, this is Carl, my fingers were getting tired.  It's almost sunrise, and I thought maybe you might like to meet up somewhere for breakfast so we could talk a little more."

Suddenly Jasmine didn't feel tired at all.  Quickly arranging to meet Carl at a nearby diner, she headed to her bedroom to find something to wear.  "Wow!" she thought to herself.  She could hardly believe this was happening, maybe God really had been listening to her prayers.  

This was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the theme choices this week are perfect and dawn.
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  1. The atmosphere of the dawn matches the contents of this story.

  2. You certainly have a gift for telling a story that the readers can picture so well in their minds. Your writing so often concentrates on the positives in life despite setbacks and sorrows and are always a pleasure to read.

  3. She needs hope, and i'm glad she got some just when she needed it most.

  4. I have a friend that had something like this happen in her life. She is now happily married to her high school English teacher!

  5. Like the excitement of the new dawning day, I can feel Jasmine's excitement for the dawning of a new relationship, leaving the past behind.

  6. Awww, my heart literally leaped for her when he actually called!!
    I'm such a sucker for romance..... I just emote all over. :)


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