Friday Four Fill-In Fun - July 18th

Feeling Beachie
I'm joining Hilary at Feeling Beachie for Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  Hilary provides four statements with blanks for us to fill in and share on her blog-hop. Come join the fun!

The Statements:
  1. If I eat too many_____, I_______
  2.  Running a____is______
  3. Why is it that_________?
  4. Where do you_____?
My Answers:
  1. If I eat too many pieces of chocolate, I will break out in hives.
  2.  Running away from issues is never a solution to your problems.
  3. Why is it that people's actions can sometimes be so different from their words?
  4. Where do you wish you could live?


  1. I agree with #2. I always take a time out to make sure I address things appropriately. I think #3 can be to avoid hurting feelings. However, sometimes it is interpretation. Human emotions are complex.

  2. I didn't think you could eat too many pieces of chocolate.

  3. Chocolate is sooo good but it does cause problems...doesn't stop me from eating it though. I guess I am fine living where I am...I can't think of another place. As long as I have a home of my own I am happy.

  4. Chocolate is good, but no one should overdo. You simply have a built in mechanism that makes sure you don't!

    Problems not resolved will come back to haunt us, won't they?

  5. #3-and the actions really tell the truth, right?

  6. True on the actions and the words.

    I think I want to live right where I live. :)

    Great answers...I love this meme.

    Happy Weekend!!

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  7. If I eat too much chocolate, I will break out of my pants!! LOL
    I would definitely like to live a little bit further out in the country. Suburbia is getting on my nerves a bit, and I am craving more space for the kids to play.
    but then, I also like what the city offers -- just not all the time. I'm vexed. :)

  8. I so agree with your #3 - that is why actions mean way more to me than words….

  9. Mmmmmm....chocolate.

    #2 and #3 - good ponderings.

    I would love to live at the ocean!


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