Watch This!

Today I'm Pondering with Brenda at BYG Adventures, where the writing prompt for this week is "watch".  Here's my story...
From the time she was very small, Debbie loved to jump from high places.  She would fling  herself into the air from atop a haystack, a tree branch, or a swing sailing into the air.  "Watch this!" she would call out to her mother.  The little girl was fearless, but always managed to land safely, no bones broken... perhaps with thanks due to guardian angels working overtime. 
As she grew older Debbie put her love of leaping from high places to good use as she competed in gymnastics in the winter and swim meets in the summer, flying off the top of acrobatic pyramids and slipping effortlessly off high diving boards into the pool.  At each event she would scan the crowd until she spied her mother... "Watch this, Mom" the excitement in her eyes seemed to convey. The shelves in her bedroom were lined with ribbons and trophies attesting to her level of her performance.
It came as no surprise to her mother when Debbie chose to celebrate her 21st Birthday with the biggest jump of all... her first independent skydive.  "Watch this!" she shouted to the video cameraman just before she hurled herself out of the airplane and began the free-fall which would soon be followed by her chute opening and Debbie gliding to the earth, face glowing with delight just as it had when she sailed from the top of haystacks so many years ago.
 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png
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  1. awesome! I love the photos that go with the story!

  2. What I great story... and I bet this is more true than false!

  3. I used to love jumping off things but never from a too dangerous height and I think from an airplane qualifies as a too dangerous height. But your story makes me wonder...

  4. That is such a great story and then the picture is amazing and perfect!! I used to climb and jump a lot when I was younger too. But I am not sure I could jump out of a perfectly good airplane. ha
    or watch my kids do so.

  5. Part of me wants to do that, part of me says that takeoff is optional but landing is mandatory and can be the whole problem!

  6. I'm more of the "you should probably look away" kinda person.

  7. I always wished I could fly, but not like this. This is falling, in my book. Yikes!

  8. Great story! It still makes me wonder HOW IN THE WORLD I jumped out of an airplane a few years back! I had hoped to have overcome the fear of heights but um, nope. Fully still there, as evidenced while out in Arizona! Ha ha!


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