Thankful Thoughts - June 7th

I'm doing my Ten Things of Thankful list on the fly today since Papa Bear is due home in less than an hour, and then we're headed to Lubbock for an overnite stay and a visit to Joe's Crab Shack. :-)  I'm in a pretty good frame of mind today, so I think this is going to be easy.  The fact is, once I get started it usually goes quickly, my attitude improves with each thing I think of.  I bet it works that way for you too!  Here goes...

1.  I'm thankful for and thrilled about the new Ten Things of Thankful Facebook group that Lizzi has started!  I see great potential for more daily sharing and interaction, especially for those of us who really don't have a whole lot of time to post and comment.  I also have a couple friends who don't blog but are sweethearts and could really use a positive place such as this to connect and share!

2.  I'm so very thankful that God sent my beloved Papa Bear to earth sixty-one years ago today! If I never would have had the chance to meet him I never would have known just how awesome a man can be, and how very wonderful it is to be so truly loved! 

3.  I'm thankful that Papa Bear is a techie, and is never afraid to take on new electronic toys. My system is to let him get them first and figure out all the tricks, then when I get one he can teach me! :-)  I got him an iPad for his birthday (he got it a little early because I wanted him to have it), and he loves it, takes it along to work with him every day and reads his e-book at noon, which is a very relaxing break from the stress of his job.  I know a lot of people who are afraid to try new things, not having enough confidence in themselves to learn them.  I am that way with some things.  Papa Bear is never afraid to try anything, he figures things out for himself and learns quickly. I wish we could bottle and sell that!

4.  I'm super-thankful to discover that we have awesome vision insurance at work.  I've needed new glasses for about two years now and with tri-focal lenses the cost is high.  Recently I've had a lot of eye strain and trouble with things getting fuzzy at the end of the day, especially when you consider that I stare at a computer screen about ten hours a day or more on average!  So I gathered up my courage and made an appointment, dreading what the bill was going to be.  The total cost for an exam, tri-focal lenses, and really nice frames?  Twenty dollars!!  Seriously, that's all the co-pay was!  I did pay an extra $20 for them to photograph the inside of my eyes, with advancing age it's good to keep an eye things in there. :-)  I also paid $90 for glare/scratch protection which is guaranteed for a full year.  I need both, I'm hard on my glasses and the flickering lights of monitors is hard on me. So, for less than $150 I'll have some great new glasses that I can see much better with ready in about a week!  I did not get the very modern mini-rectangle heavy frames look.  UGH, definitely not me! I chose some large gold wire-rims that will work nicely for tri-focal lenses and compliment my chubby face. :-))  Money not needed for glasses enabled me to treat Papa Bear to an overnight out of town fir his birthday!

5.  I'm thankful that God is doing some wonderful things in the lives of the kids at Red Cloud Indian School that I've known since they were first-graders thirteen years ago!  Watching them grow up and being able to stay in touch with them through letters, phone calls, Bebo and now Facebook has been an incredible blessing in my life!  The first class graduated last year, and a second group just a few weeks ago.  I am so very proud of each and every one of them, and so pleased with the ones who are choosing to head off the reservation for college or a military career.  When you live in a depressed environment such as the rez is, it can be very hard to believe you can have a better life, and I am grateful that I can be a witness to all the wonderful things they are doing!  I'm also thankful that I am privileged to know them and their families and to be able to cheer them on!

6. This one is sure to make you laugh, but I'm dead serious... I'm thankful for nice soft toilet tissue!  The stuff they buy at the building where I work is like tissue paper, 1 layer thick and rough!  It can be a little irritating to say the least.  That got me thinking about my parent's childhood before the days of buying tp rolls from the store... torn pages from catalogs, and corncobs (seriously...OUCH) sound very unpleasant.  So I'll just continue to be very thankful that we can afford plenty of cushy TP at home!  And if we leave a roll on the roller by mistake, the furkids will be happy to unroll and pre-shred it for our convenience! :-))

7.  I am thankful for my niece's courage and survivor spirit.  She is 38 and facing some very serious diabetes-related issues with her vision and eyes.  It's scary, and I know she's scared too, but she hangs in there just as she always has through all the tough things life has thrown at her, and I have no doubt that she will find a way to manage this too.  I'd also be thankful for all prayers offered on her behalf!

8.  I am thankful for Papa Bear's strong organizational skills.  One of the things he taught me when I met him was to always have an overnight bag packed and ready.  We keep one under the bed with all the necessary toiletries, and such, so that when we want or need to go somewhere quickly, all we have to do is add our medications, and a few changes of clothes, and we're ready to go!  No forgetting a toothbrush, or a phone charger cord due to last minute preparations!

9.  I am thankful for my awesome, caring kids who both gave Papa Bear something for his birthday, including a very funny card from my daughter about squirrels and nuts.  Squirrels are an ongoing joke between them, as she feeds them, and when he was young he used to stock the freezer with them for his mother to cook.   He always to fatten hers up a little more when we are coming to visit! :-)  Papa Bear's kids aren't big about sending gifts and/or greeting cards, and we all like to be remembered on our special days, so I'm proud of mine for realizing what a great guy he is and making an extra effort to show him that they appreciate how happy he makes their mom.

10. Ten already?  Wow, less than 30 minutes!  (Rest assured I could go on like this for hours, so ten is a good limit, must to the relief of everyone else's eyes!)  I am thankful and happy that I reconnected with four old friends from high-school on Facebook this week. Keep in mind I haven't been I high school for more than forty years!  It was fun to do a bit of catching up and to note that we've all grown a little chubbier around the middle.  We've shared some fun memories of days gone by!

That's it... I'm outta here, time to feed the furkids and get the cooler filled with drinks for the road!  Wishing you all a relaxing weekend.  I leave you with this thought for the coming week... Joy is not a destination... it is a choice, a way of life!
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  1. Happy birthday to Papa Bear! Hope your overnight trip is great fun!
    Prayers for your niece coming right up!
    Surprise vision coverage? Score!
    And toilet paper...yeah. :)

  2. Happy happy birthday, Papa Bear! Have a wonderful time on your overnighter!!

    Great thankful list - esp. tp! Ha ha!

  3. Happy birthday, Papa Bear! I, too, wish your skills could be bottled up. I would order a case of it!
    Nice score on the eyeglasses! We had vision insurance once upon a time ago, but it wasn't that great.
    My mom's family used the Sears catalog in the outhouse.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA BEAR!!!!!!! Toilet paper...nuff said.

  5. A great day for Papa Bear!!! And certainly a man to be thankful for!

  6. Many happy returns of the day to your beloved Papa Bear! Good for him that he loves to keep up with technology, such a love of learning new things will keep his mind sharp.

  7. I hope Papa Bear had a GOREGOUS birthday. And I hope you had a really lovely time at the Lobster Shack. I'm jealous because Lubbock is near where one of my very good bloggy friends lives, and I wish I could pop over as easily as you can.

    What a lovely list :)

  8. Happy birthday to John. We were in Midland and Odessa again, this weekend. Then we headed North, through Lubbock. Hoping your weekend was wonderful.

  9. Reading your thankful list, radient with joy, is very encouraging.

    I have joined the Ten Things of Thankful facebook group, too.
    A belated happy birthday to Papa Bear.

    I have also posted a photo of my favorite thimble in my Ten Things of Thankful post.

  10. Jose --- You are just so wonderful, so positive, so caring. I am grateful to have you as a friend. I love reading what you have to say. Hugs.. :)


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