Thankful Thoughts - June 21st

It's Saturday and that means it's time for me to tally up some blessings from the week for Ten Things of Thankful...

1.  I saw the above quote on Facebook this week and loved it, because I think it's so true. When we start noticing the little things in our life that we are thankful for, it changes our whole demeanor and approach to life... it makes us more positive, more cheerful, and much nicer to be around.  That in turn makes the world nicer for those around us... initiating an awesome chain reaction!   I am thankful for all the little ordinary things that make my life good and give me reasons to smile, even on days when there are some big things trying to weigh me down.

2.  I am thankful for the joy and smiles shared when our friend and co-host Christine from A Fly On Our (Chicken Coop) Wall met up with Lizzi of Considerings, the mastermind of TToT,  this week. From the photos, it was obvious they were having such a great time!  Nothing is more fun than finally meeting someone in person that you've gotten to know well online. Frosting on the cake!

3.  I am thankful beyond words for the drenching thirty-minute downpour of rain we had here on Wednesday night.  We needed it so badly, and the weeds in the yard loved it!  Yes... even weeds deserve a blessing now and then... we will chop off their head soon enough!!!  :-)  It also provided a free car wash to our vehicles which were covered in Texas dust, and made the world smell fresh and clean again.  Is there anything nicer than the smell of rain?

4.  I am thankful for good, thoughtful text conversations with both my daughter and a step-daughter this week.  I've been sharing daily with my sisters too.   Staying in communication with those we love is so important!  Balancing my time is hard for me, there never seems to be enough to cover all the bases, but I'm making time for the people that need me the most, I know I'll never regret the time and effort expended.  I am thankful that I am working on reordering my priorities! :-)

5.  I am so thankful for the faith and survivor spirit of my niece.  She learned on Friday that she now has a detached retina in her right eye, yet another diabetic-related vision problem.  Surgery will be done on Tuesday to repair it.  She is hanging in there and taking life day by day, even when it's scary.  I'd be thankful for prayers on her behalf on Tuesday too!

6.  I am thankful for Papa Bear's topic suggestions/requests for future Two Shoes Tuesday stories.  I am grateful that he is so supportive of my writing and enjoys reading what I write.  I'll be using one of his ideas, and a photo he took, next week... watch for it! :-)

7.  I am thankful that I've learned over the years that I don't have to be able to do things perfectly in order to participate and have fun with it.  Too often we shy away from doing something we enjoy because we don't think we do it well enough.  In fact I'm thinking of writing a post on that very subject.

8.  I am thankful for my new glasses which finally came in Thursday... Wow.. I can see clearly now! :-)  Sometimes we tend to let things go longer than we've should.  I've needed new glasses for a couple years now and I recognized the benefit of the new strong prescription immediately... far less eye strain, much clearer picture.  Grateful!! 

9.  I am thankful that Papa Bear is always there to listen when life situations are getting to me.  He is a great source of counsel and comfort and of course big bear hugs too!  I am thankful that I am able to express my fears and doubts, and then lay it down, knowing that what happens is in God's hand... hand much bigger and more capable  than mine.

10.  I am thankful for the little globe willow tree that we planted out front when we moved here. It is growing well in a climate that is hostile to growing things, and is managing to withstand the tests of  heat, drought, high-winds, and even hail.  I hope it continues to thrive and grow big enough to provide shade for many years to come.  My tree has a survivor spirit, that makes me smile! :-)

That's it for this week... time to get ready an early Saturday dinner date with the Papa Bear.  If you find yourself feeling down and out this week, remember this and start making notes for next week's TToT...
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Ten Things of Thankful
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  1. Thank you for sharing your thankfulness and wisdom, Josie.

  2. Josie, I love the quote at the beginning of your post. So TRUE. That perfect thing gets to me too. I try to say JUST DO IT! Will link up again this week with you.


  3. Ahhh you always find such lovely, inspiring images for your posts. I do enjoy them.

    Glad you've found SO much to be thankful for this week - even the rain! - and that you're doing well.

  4. So many happy, thankful things! Your niece will be in my prayers.

  5. You have so much good here, Josie - and my list was just about being happy I don't have to think too hard to plan dinner this week! :D
    A new pair of glasses can be so great - I remember when I replaced mine after like fifteen years. I was pretty excited.
    Looking forward to more TST ideas - perhaps I'll be able to catch onto one again. That was quite fun, even if completely serendipitous.

  6. Thank you for sharing a wonderful TToT with us!

    jean :)

  7. Truly hope your niece is ok and my dad had tears in his retina. He had to have surgery for it and thankfully, he too is fine and can see again perfectly. But so scary and just thank god that they have surgeries and such to help with eye issues such as these. Thinking of her and sending prayers and good thoughts her way now.


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