Thankful Thoughts - May 4th

Another week has rolled by.  It's Sunday morning here, and time to count my blessings...

1.  I completed the April A-Z Blogging Challenge - Yay me!  It went a lot easier this year, and definitely got me back in the groove of frequent posting, though I would have loved more time to keep up with all the amazing blogger friends who participated, visit more new blogs and reply to all the wonderful comments.  I am away from home ten hours a day, so that only gives me evenings to fit in everything else, and time is short.  I'm thinking it would be nice to have the month of April off work each year so I could focus entirely on the fun of A-Z... well, it's a nice fantasy anyway! :-)

2.  I am delighted that the number of visitors to my blog was the highest it's ever been in the nine years I've been blogging.  That was a definite reason to smile each day!  Obviously, that doesn't mean anybody read anything while they were here; and if they did read, that they liked it.  I wish there were easy "like" buttons for Blogger.  Why doesn't some techie brain invent the Gadget for that?!  I also do blog reading when I am just too tired to type out comments, but I for sure would hit "Like"! :-)

3.  I'm loving the longer hours of daylight each evening, nearly to 9 PM now.  Funny, how it feels like there is more time on those days, and it's just more cheerful all around.  I wish the hours of daylight never changed, not to mention that silly Daylight Savings Time thing.  Anyone with half a brain knows we can't save time! ;-)  Why is Arizona smarter than all the other states, when it comes to this?

4.  I so appreciate Leon's flower photos.  Leon is a wise and wonderful retiree in California who goes out for daily walks and always snaps a picture of some beautiful flowers or greenery to post to his Facebook page for us to enjoy.  Considering that I live in the very dry, very brown desert Southwest, nothing makes me smile more than green stuff and colorful flowers.  I miss them from days when I lived in more hospitable places.  Leon's simple little act of sharing delights so many of us.  Never say you can't do anything to brighten other lives... this is a great example!

5.  I am thankful for the pure pleasure of watching the new little white calf that was born nearby.  He stays pretty close to his mama, but also loves to run and play in the pen.  Babies of any species have such a beautiful sense of joy! 

6.  I am so glad to have my car parked in the nice warm sunshine, so that when I leave our frigid office at lunchtime I can warm up!  For some crazy reason our floor of the building is cooled to about 64 degrees many days, while other floors will be too warm.  Apparently there is way to regulate it evenly.  We wear sweaters and jackets and wish for mittens and caps.  I wouldn't want to pay their utility bill!  The cold and I don't get along well, it's hard on my hands that are constantly on the keyboard, so I really look forward to getting out in the nice warm car.  (Note that when the days hit 100 and more, which isn't far away, I'll be complaining about it being too hot outside. :-)  I clearly need to live on a nice tropical island with  powerful WiFi service.  :-)

7.  Speaking of our office, I work on the 9th floor of the thirteen story building.  We have a great birds-eye view of the city  up there.  It's fun to watch children who come to building as they experience the elevator ride (fairly uncommon out this flat spread-out city), and then peek out the big glass windows at the world down below.

8.  I am thankful for our attorney/supervisor who is the same as my son, and is so friendly and easy to get along with.  He's intelligent too, and always has time to explain points of law and specific cases to us.  I have worked for more miserable bosses than good ones, and it can make all the difference. He still has a little bit to learn about supervising staff, but he's getting there, and it's a pleasure to be blessed with someone so nice.  Right now the dynamics of our little group is great... hugs sigh of relief!

9. I am happy that I was able to spend the time yesterday to finally merge many old blog posts from a previous incarnation of my blog into this one.  It took hours to sort through the posts, and there is still a lot more cleanup I want to do, along with adding posts from my original blog way back.  Then I will begin the arduous task of printing out a hard copy of the entire thing to keep in the safe for my children to have some day.  As I was reading some of my earlier, more personal work, I was amazed at the length of my posts each day... and it all sure brought back memories of life before I met John.  It seems like forever ago now!

10.  I am so very grateful for my beloved Papa Bear.  I could easily spend all ten thankful thoughts on him each week and never run out of things to say.  Every day I am amazed by the kind of person he is... so patient, loving, caring, and fun!  I am especially thankful this week that he understands my extreme dislike/discomfort with large group social functions involving women who converse on superficial levels if at all.  Unless it's something extremely important, I am most often excused from attending.  Bless him!
I miscounted and ended up with eleven, but they are all things that make my life good, so the next  one is a bonus on my list of thankful thoughts for this week. :-)

11.  I've said it before, but I want to say it again, because I am so continually reminded of it... how blessed I am with the friends who share blogging with me here and posting with me on Facebook. To connect with such wonderfully amazing and supportive people is one of the greatest gifts in my life. I grew up thinking that I was an oddity, maybe from another planet, because no one I knew viewed life as I did, or cherished the written word as much. Lo and behold, when I joined the Internet and become a blogger I discovered that I have "family" all over the world...  I treasure each and every one of you more than you will ever know!
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  1. Oooo, I'm FRIST. I'm on a roll today!

    I, too, survived the A to Z Challenge, but am woefully behind in reading other people's entries. I'm working on that now, since so many were so kind to comment on my posts.

    I'm with you on the "like" button! Sometimes, I like a post but having nothing really profound to say about it, and a "like" button would solve that problem!

    Hooray for more daylight hours! I'm much more productive when there is sunlight.

  2. I love having more daylight, also.
    The calf sounds so sweet!
    I love that Wordpress has a like button for blog posts.

  3. Just clicking around, reading all the Sunday posts! Yes, the A to Z Challenge was definitely a rewarding exercise. Maybe the "Follow" button is Blogger's version of the like button!

  4. Every time you write about your gratitude for your Papa Bear, i smile through tears. It makes me so happy for you.

  5. I really enjoyed your #10. It is great that you have a wonderful husband and the part about dislike for small talk and certain social situations is really relatable for me. I have only recently come to the conclusion that I am a text book introvert and that they feelings that I have are okay and they are my norm. I spent a long time thinking something was wrong with me.

  6. I found atoz tougher this year and i got to far fewer blogs this year too... I will have to plan differently next year! So cool about work and well, PAPA goes without saying! I could watch a baby godzilla as long as it was little... love baby calves!

  7. Ahhh YES to finding people whose world is writing :D

    And HUGE HAPPY YES! to longer days and more daylight and more SUNSHINE :)

  8. I was just thinking last night about how nice it felt to have the evening light again. It is uplifting somehow.

  9. I am so with you on the longer days and more sunlight. I can't remember being as happy about it as I am this year in I don't know how long...maybe it was the long and difficult winter? I feel my body slipping into summer vacation mode already...and there are still six weeks of school left!

  10. definitely love the longer days with more light -- soon the hubby and I will be able to sit out on our back deck in the evenings after the kids go to bed. We have very thick blinds for their rooms so that they can still go to bed at their normal time!

  11. I love the longer days, too but not nearly as much as my kids do! I wish I could have kept up with all of the A to Z stuff but it was overwhelming. It's a great exercise and I applaud the folks who participated but wow!! Your love for Papa Bear always makes me smile. Isn't it nice to feel that love, that comfort? I know it is for me :)

  12. Printing up the content from your blog is a great idea. I really should print my posts up for my kids.


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