Shrinking Violet

Today I'm Pondering with Brenda at BYG Adventures.  Here's a short story that came to mind while I pondered this week's word... "shrink."

Violet, both scared and excited, headed off for her first day of big city school.  Her family had just moved from rural Kentucky with dreams of a much better life.  The school Violet came from was tiny; they all knew each other, most were kin of some kind.  Violet had always been timid, but had gotten along fine in that close-knit environment. She wasn't prepared for the street-savvy kids she'd encounter at Birmingham Heights Junior High. 

Wearing her best go-to-church dress the first day, her mama had said that she looked real nice.  But the kids at her new school wore tight jeans and torn t-shirts, and were quick to take note when she walked through the door.  She was greeted with cat calls and laughter.  Others pointed and whispered, and she saw many rolling their eyes.  Violet wanted so badly to crawl in her locker and pull the door shut, but instead she just looked at her feet and tried hard not to cry.  Not one person came forward to meet or befriend her, not one single classmate said hi. 

That day, and all those that followed, Violet sat all alone on the bench with  her lunch bag, and said nothing in classrooms but what teachers required. She had hoped at least one or two girls would befriend her, but any that might have quickly thought better of it when they saw how the in-kids tormented her, making fun of her every move.  Better not to get involved, they reasoned, not wanting to attract that kind of attention to themselves.

Weeks passed by slowly, Violet walking to school and back home alone; spending her time in her room when she got there, claiming to have much homework to do.  Her mama was worried, this wasn't like her sunshiny Violet. She hoped that with time things would surely improve... but they didn't. 

Quieter and quieter Violet grew, getting thin from just barely eating, and sleeping so poorly that circles formed under her eyes.  Trying to stay out of sight, and avoid the line of fire when at school, she'd hide in a stall in the bathroom, and sometimes she'd sneak out the door to the alley and be gone for the rest of the day. 

Little by little, Violet was shrinking from life, slipping away to a place deep inside.  No one took note; it appears there was no one who cared.  It came as no real surprise then, when one day Violet just disappeared.

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  1. ah that's so sad. I would have been Violet's friend! :)

    1. You have a caring heart, Rory. I like to think that I would have befriended her too. I tend to be drawn to the misfits and outcasts, often having felt like an alien myself.

  2. This is a poignant story. I can identify with Violet.

    Thank you for your kind comment in my blog, Josie.

    1. It is a sad story, Romi, but it has a message too. It's about how bad life can be when someone feels isolated and persecuted, and it follows that one person offering friendship could make all the difference. It only takes one... and we can be that one! I can identify with Violet too. I wasn't popular with the in-kids either. They thought I was weird, imagine that! ;-)

  3. When i was in school, i was with the "out" kids, and that was fine with me. We ignored the "in" crowd, and they ignored us.

  4. This is such a true based story. Unfortunately this happens much more often than all of us would like to imagine!
    Thanks for pondering with me


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