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While I don't post awards to my blog, I accept them humbly as a gift of recognition.  Today my delightful young friend from India, Judy Girl,  nominated me for the Liebster Award on her blog Diary of The Sunday Visitor, and I so appreciate her kindness in doing so. 

What I enjoy about this award is that it provides an opportunity to learn a little bit more about a fellow blogger.  Judy Girl is awesome, and wise beyond her years.  Go and read what she had to say about herself, and while you're there check out some of her wonderful A-Z posts!  I actually met her during last year's A-Z, the best blessing to come from that experience!

I've written so much about myself in the past that I doubt there is much more to tell you, or that you want to hear, but I'll give it my best shot :-) 

The Rules:

1. Link back and thank the blogger who nominated you in your post.

2. List 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
4. Pick 5 - 10 new bloggers (must have less than 300 followers) to nominate.
5. Ask them 11 new questions. Do not re-nominate the blogger who
    nominated you.
6. Go to each blogger's site and inform them of their nomination.

Eleven Facts About Me : 
1. I turned sixty years old recently. That means I've most likely lived 3/4 of my life.  I am still coming to terms with that. It definitely changes one's perspective.
2. I have been married four times.  I plead temporary (but long-term) insanity in the first three cases, it's the only plausible excuse.  Fourth one is the charm, Papa Bear is my  hero, my knight in shining armour, my happily ever after.  I believe that we were meant to share this stage of our lives. Sometimes God does indeed save the very best for last... when you will appreciate it the most!
3. I have two grown children that live in the Nashville area.  One is an air-traffic controller for the Dept. of Defense, the other is a Registered Nurse at a large hospital. Neither one is married.  I have no grandchildren of my own, but I have happily adopted John's seven amazing grandkids, and now we have two amazing great-grandsons as well!
4. I was born in South Dakota, and grew up with a Midwest mentality and accent (or so people tell me), I last lived there when I was 22.  I don't think I sound like a character from the movie Fargo, but sometimes they say I do. :-) I was happy to leave those bitter cold, icy winters, and giant mosquitos, but I will always call Dakota home. My two sisters and their families continue to reside in the Midwest. 
5. I have lived in 38 different residences, in eighteen different cities in eight states.  I listed them in this post: The Road I've Travelled. I also spent two-and-a-half years living in Germany. My son was born there!
6. I am a crazy cat lady... or I would be if I didn't have a husband who was a bit more sensible, but also loves cats as much as I do.  We presently have four, all long-haired. Our house is soft and furry. :-)  Toby, the baby was given to me by Papa Bear for my 60th birthday.  He is the gift I asked for, and he is so very sweet... and naughty, as only a kitten can be!  He is six months old now and growing by leaps and bounds.
7. I love stuffed animals too, in fact Papa Bear would tell you that I love anything furry, including him! :-)  I have a collection of over 100 Beanie Bears, and assorted stuffed critters.  I am not beyond begging for new ones I fall in love with when I am out with Papa Bear, and he tends to indulge me.  Though I keep them small, since our house is small.
8. I am a chocoholic... I love it in all shapes and forms, and would probably eat chocolate covered ants if they were offered to me.  I hear they are crunchy. :-) My favorite form of chocolate is fudge.  When we go on trips I search out local fudge shops.  My latest treat is orange sherbet with Hershey's dark chocolate sauce... it tastes exactly like those chocolate oranges and is so cool and refreshing. Try it!

9. People tend to think I am anti-social or reclusive because I really detest social functions and making polite chit-chat with superficial people.  The truth is that I love to go out and do things, and meet people... if we can be one-on-one or in small groups and have meaningful conversations.  Then I can talk  for hours and hours... a good conversation is like an infusion of joy!

10.  I am overweight... I am fat.. I am obese.  Our society finds that unacceptable.  Thankfully, my husband truly loves me as I am... real love is like that. I have lost all the excess weight twice in my life.  It is far easier to get it off than it is to keep it off.  I lead a very sedentary lifestyle.  I sit in an office chair eight-plus hours a day.  When I get home I am tired, and I sit more.  I know it is unhealthy.  So are my eating habits.  I will probably die as a result of this. We all die somehow, someday.

11.  I love to go on road trips.  In less than three weeks we are headed on a road trip to Memphis, Tennessee to attend our grandson's highschool graduation just across the river in Arkansas, and then to spend three wonderful days with my own two kids who are coming to meet us at a nearby resort area in Mississippi, complete with gambling casinos.  I will come home rich... from spending time with them, even if I don't win two cents!  I rarely get to see my kids more than once a year. I wish we lived where they do, they wish we did too!
Eleven Questions to Answer:
1. If not for your current profession, you would have chosen.....?  I do not have a profession or a career.  I am an office clerical worker and have been that for most of my life.  At one time I aspired to become a nurse, then a teacher, then a social worker.  I did not stay in college long enough to complete any of those plans.  Not finishing school is my greatest regret. "I could have been a contender."  That's why I stress to young people how important it is to make good choices in our lives. Every choice we make will either open or close doors in our future!
2. What is the first thing that you see in people?  I look for signs of kindness, compassion, and intelligence.  I look for a smile and the light in their eyes!
3.What superpower would  you like to possess?  To be able to heal people who are hurting, not just physically but emotionally, those with invisible hurts and scars.
4. If you had to invite three famous people (dead or alive) for dinner who would they be ?  Jesus of Nazareth, Mother Teresa, and The Dali Lama. Can I please invite the new Pope too? Can you imagine what the table conversation would be like?  Mind-blowing!

6. What is the one lesson that you wished you learned earlier?  Not to be a doormat for people who will take advantage of you, mislead you, or abuse you; to distance yourself from such people and form relationships with those who encourage and uplift you!
7. What is your favorite way to pass the time?  Blogging!  I could do it 24/7, taking time out only to eat and sleep... and scoop the litter boxes of course :-)
8. Five things on your bucket list.  I don't really have a bucket list, because I've learned that life rarely goes as we hope or plan, but God gives us some amazing opportunities and experiences along the way that we never anticipate.  Things I once wanted no longer interest me as much, and things I'd love to do are beyond our financial reach.  If I could dream big and make it come true, it would just be to have some years to spend with Papa Bear where we didn't have to work anymore, or at least not so much, and could travel together or just enjoy spending our days together doing whatever we wanted.  That kind of freedom doesn't come with a price tag, it is priceless!  My favorite place to be with him... walking barefoot on a beach in the moonlight... there is nothing more peaceful or romantic than that!
9. Your favorite childhood memory.  A specific one doesn't come to mind, maybe because that was so long ago!  Great times were when we would take our toboggan (a long snow sled that seat several people) and inner tubes out to a hill north of  town and go sledding in the winter cold, then come home to warm up with hot chocolate!  Summertime fun was spending a day or an overnight at one of the lakes near us.  When we got older my parents owned a cabin at the lake. I loved it there, and had my own canoe. :-)  I miss lakes, trees, and green grass to walk my bare feet on terribly!
10. A random fact about you. I like to have my fingers and toes painted in bright, sparkling colors.  Bright colors make me smile!  It is such a contradiction to my very simple manner of dressing and wearing my hair that it makes me laugh.  Laughter is good for the soul. It makes other people smile too... as they note the old lady with the bright purple... or blue... or green nails! :-)
11. Do you believe in rebirth? If yes, what would you like to be reborn as?  I think it is very possible that some souls choose to return for another life, perhaps human, perhaps not. We come here to learn and to help guide others.  All created things have spirit.  I would like to be reborn as a very pampered cat! :-) Seriously... I would like to be reborn as someone who could lessen the suffering of others.  That would be the most meaningful thing to be!
Whew, did I wear your eyes out reading all of that? :-)  While I won't be passing this award on to anyone specifically, if you feel inspired to tell us a little more about yourself, please feel free to accept my nomination and go for it, use the same questions I did.  I'd love to learn more about you!


  1. Such interesting facts about you! While you have your regrets, you've made the best of things, and are an all around wonderful person.

  2. Oh Josie, I feel so humbled, Thank You for the kind words. I agree, it's a wonderful way to learn more about a fellow blogger. I learnt a lot from the facts and answers that you wrote. I'm sure that dinner would be a marvellous one. Wish it were real :) Thank You for accepting the award. You deserve it :)

  3. i loved , loved , loved - reading this !!
    i was reminded of so much -- not only about you -- but of humanity in general. what it is to be alive !
    you are a beautiful person, and i love you !
    and just so you know
    you do lesson the suffering of others- you always have

  4. What a great post! My eyes are still in my head and arent even there!!!! I love this! Its so nice to know more about you... I especially like your 10th fact... There is a comfortable level of acceptance with who you are that shows there! And definitely come back as a pampered cat and I want to be a pampered yippy dog!

  5. Zoe took my words - this is indeed a great post! I love learning things about the people behind the blogs. Based on your #9 alone I think we would get along famously in person! :)


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