Haunted Hollow

Trail of the Spirits - Sica Hollow
There is a place in the northeast corner of South Dakota, about 35 miles from where I grew up, called Sica Hollow. I wrote this about it in a post from September 2012...
 " a beautiful small hollow carved out by nature, abundant with flora and fauna, streams waterfalls and walking trails, trees ablaze with the colors of Fall, a place shrouded in mystery, replete with tales of spirits from the native Sioux who proclaimed it "sica" (pronounced she-cha) meaning evil or bad."
If you Google it, you will discover that it is a place of legends, both past and present... tales of burning campfires seen from a distance, and native drums heard in the dark of night;  stories of a creature large and hairy; whispers of encounters with spirits, and an eerie silence enshrouding all. 

I have been to Sica Hollow in daytime and early evening, and felt the presence of things unseen.  I would not choose to be there at night.
This story was written for Two Shoes Tuesday
where the theme choices this week are legend and lightning.
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  1. You made me Google it. Kinda creepy.

  2. It seems that there are a lot of legends about streams, waterfalls, ponds, lakes and seas all over the world. A friend of mine, who has studied folklore, often says that places full of water are believed to be where this world and 'other worlds' meet...

  3. I'm not the outdoor type but I'd love to visit this place. Might even steal it for a story one day.

  4. Sounds like a place worth seeing in broad daylight.

  5. nope- not staying there after dark! Gorgeous photo!

  6. you've sold me: I want to go there!
    and yes, even at night. (Technically, Yes - I would be scared and I am basically a wuss. but I love the feeling of having a good fright -- if that makes sense...??)

  7. this is awesome!!! thanks for stopping by, I am following you now thru blogger and hope you will do the same

  8. now I am going to go google this ... I have to wonder how someplace so utterly gorgeous could become known as evil or bad? I did a few guest blog things this week and really missed the tuesday ... I love doing it and feel its absence! Off I go! Next week I will be back to Tuesdays! Thanks for hosting them Josie!


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