Today I'm Pondering with Brenda at BYG Adventures, where the writing prompt for this week is "absorb".  Here's a bit of flash fiction with a timely message ... 
Belinda and her ten-year-old cat Contessa emerged from the wreckage dazed, struggling to absorb what had happened.  In less than ten minutes time, their world had exploded around them as they cowered under an old table in the corner of the basement.

Hearing the warning sirens wail, Belinda had grabbed Contessa and a pillow from the bed as she ran toward the basement stairs.  Stuffing the trembling Contessa inside the pillow case, she clutched it tightly against her as the raging wind tore the house above them off the foundation and sent shrapnel flying in every direction. 

When the roaring subsided into an eerie silence, Belinda carefully made here way out of the basement holding Contessa tightly in her arms.  Slowly surveying the devastation, she could see that everything she had was gone, smashed in a million scattered pieces.  

For the moment, none of that really mattered.  Belinda and Contessa were safe; they still had each other.  She would find a way to get past this, and life would go on.  
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  1. I was totally absorbed in your story. So true and very devastating for all of the people caught in the weird weather.

  2. Timely, my heart goes out to all effected by these storms.

  3. Love your story. It is so amazing to me that people choose to live in the path of tornadoes and hurricanes. But then I'm from California and we have earthquakes! So I suppose no where is completely safe. The bottom line is that all you really lose is 'stuff' as long as you can survive it!
    Thanks for pondering with me

  4. Stuff is just stuff.. Love is forever. I am glad they made it safe and together.

  5. It's sobering, how many have lost everything. My heart hurts for them.

  6. definitely absorbed in your story! especially since I know for many, this isn't really fiction. thankfully this gripping tale had at least happy ending for her and the fur baby!

  7. You do have a way with words, Josie. I am going to remember the pillow case bit if Teddy and I ever have to make a run for it.

  8. Hi, this is a very timely piece as we watch storms destroy homes across the US. I am grateful though for the lesson. Life is so much more important than possessions which can be replaced. Thanks for sharing this story and important lesson. ;)


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