From My Daughter

Mother's Day is hard for me.  My own mother passed over to the spirit world many years ago, and my children live 1000 miles away. They both call me and send wonderful gifts, but  I will spend the day with Papa Bear and the furkids.  This year it's a little easier, since we will be meeting up with my son and daughter in Memphis in less than two weeks, to spend a long weekend together having fun. 
I woke up this morning feeling like it was "just another Sunday", and missing my own mom.  Then I found this text sent by my daughter early today.  She isn't typically a writer, and I've never know her to write a poem before.  I had to share this with you, it is the most precious gift she could have given.

                                 When I feel I am alone in a crowd,
                                 When I think no one understands me,
                                 When my love is rejected again by another,
                                 And when I hate my life,
                                 I close my eyes, and hear your words,
                                 From someone who loves me no matter what,
                                 Who cares for me in my loneliness,
                                 And hurts when I cry.
                                 You are number one in my life
                                 And I will love you always.
                                 Thank You Mom for being there,
                                 Keeping me strong, holding me up,
                                 And giving so much of your heart.



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    1. Thank you Joe, it was a very nice day.

  2. That is beauiful. And so are you soul sis. I hope you know that!!! Somehow, i feel like you may forget just how special, and important you are. Don't do that. Always remember..and you won't get lost
    I love you
    Happy mothers day

    1. Thank you sweet Soul Sis! As parents, and even as human beings, we always wonder if we are doing anything right or merely deceiving ourselves. This beautiful poem confirmed that I have built the relationship I wanted to have with my daughter, one much closer than I had with my own Mom. I want her to know that she too is important and special, and that she will always have within her the means to survive. It is the love and friendship I find in blogging that helps clear my mind and refocus on caring and kindness... the person that I want to be.

  3. Ps.. That's a great pic..i have never seen a pic of you from back in the day. ;)).
    You actually haven't changed much at all

    1. My daughter hadn't seen this picture in all these years either Soul Sis, so texted it to her this morning in response to her poem. She loved it, and in the sharing we both were blessed. It is hard to remember either of us that young anymore, feels like a whole other lifetime, and in a way it was!

  4. Happy Mother's Day. You've raised beautiful children.

    1. Thank you Mimi, I hope you've had a lovely Mother's Day too. There is nothing that takes up a bigger space in our hearts and minds than our children. I am incredibly proud of the adults my children have grown up to be, I give them all the credit. It wasn't easy, but they turned out just fine!

  5. Wow, that's beautiful. I teared up! You must have been so overjoyed.

  6. What a beautiful tribute. I know it's true, too - I've been your friend long enough.

    Motherhood really is a bitch.

    Love ya.

  7. so beautiful - and so straight from her heart. that's the best gift a mother could get!


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