Friday Four Fill-In Fun - May 9th

Feeling Beachie
I'm joining Hilary at Feeling Beachie for Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun.  Hilary provides four statements with blanks for us to fill in and share on her blog-hop. Come join the fun! 

Today's Statements:
  1. Did you know that ____ are _____
  2. I feel like _____
  3. I get _____ at _____
  4. ____ is my favorite ______
My Answers:
  1. Did you know that approximately 10% of humans are left-handed, while approximately 50% of cats are left-pawed?  :-)
  2. I feel like my husband and I don't get to spend enough time having fun, but we treasure the time that we share.
  3. I get annoyed at people who treat other people like doormats!
  4. A kaftan is my favorite at-home attire.


  1. Interesting tidbit about the left-handedness of cats vs. humans. And I know how you feel about not spending enough time with your husband - seems we never have much time either, between work, school and the kids there's not much alone time to be had!

  2. Interesting that half the cats are left-pawed. I will have to watch Teddy and see if he is a lefty.

  3. Raising my southpaw to represent! :) I'm with you on the lack of time. I have to look forward to it in intermittent bursts here and there. I'll take what I can!

  4. And i thought i once read that most polar bears are left pawed! Wonder how they can tell?

  5. Great answers. I feel the same way about #2.

  6. I can't comment on the Two Shoes Tuesday prompt. so I'll just post it here. Anyway, me too for #3 ;o)

    Happy Mother's Day, Josie! ;o)

  7. I never knew cats were right or left pawed… Now I have to pay attention which paw Lucy uses to smack me (her favorite activity)


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